Patriots vs. Dolphins


On Saturday I went to my first Patriots game over at Gillette Stadium. I’m not kidding when I say I finally went to Gillette for something other than a country concert, and I don’t even like country music. To see the football field actually being used for football was a game changer and I loved every second of it. The aurora and the adrenaline exuding from each and every being in the stadium really makes the experience something worth talking about from beginning to end.

 Not to mention Andrew nailed some awesome tickets/seats from…can you believe it Craigslist the day before!


Speaking of Craigslist and tickets, Andrew also got us Jason Aldean tickets (again, I don’t even like country, but I do like music) the day of the concert last week for a pretty good price with good seats but of course we finagled even better seats. PS- Kid Rock actually killed the concert… surprisingly!


Anyways, en route to Gillette. Gotta have the car selfie. Luckily Andrew knows my obsession with selfies and just obliges every time rather than fighting it. He’s a keeper.


First things first- TAILGATING.





At about 12:30 we started to head on inside. This is what happens when you take pictures via Snapchat; backwards stadium sign but nice geo-filter. You win some you lose some.


Here’s some of the stadium and you can kind of see around where we were sitting. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the seats especially for my first game. Can you tell which one’s been filtered and posted to Instagram?



Now I can finally say that I’ve been to at least one of every Boston sports team game. Check that off the bucket list! The one thing that they all have in common is the strong supportive fan base from the stands whenever our team scores. Boston LOVESSSS their sports and more importantly their teams and you can feel it at every game.


Thankful for this guy right here for bringing me to my first and hopefully not last Patriots game.

xo, JJ


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