Weekend Recap

I’d like to know the person who decided that the work week was going to be M-F, leaving us with ONLY 2 days off. Can’t we at least have 3 day weekends?!? Sigh…

This is the first weekend in a while where I had nothing legitimately planned. I decided I like weekends like this because it leaves more time for relaxing and doing things at your own leisure. Here’s my weekend recap:

FRIYAY [Friday]


This girl went at got herself a spontaneous haircut after work. Haircuts or any hair appointments get me so anxious because you never know how it’s going to turn out but I was pleased with this turn out. I have a bittersweet relationship with short hair; love how it looks, hate the growing out period, and inevitably I always miss my long hair.


Andrew and I woke up, got breakfast and headed right back to bed. Lounged for a while till we made a game plan for the day. I knew I had the best boyfriend when he muttered the words “I want pad thai from that place you took me to”…TASTE OF VIETNAM [my favorite restaurant]. Guys… you don’t even know the excitement that ran through my entire body. My undying craving for pho was about to be fulfilled. YESSSSS.


So that’s what we did, drove down to Leominster; Andrew got his pad thai and I got my pho (insert happy content emoji face here).

We also did a little bit of shopping; I became Andrew’s personal fashionista(;


We spent the night babysitting my friend’s kid, Noah. The cutest and smartest 4 year old; not biased or anything.


We slept in. Hallelujah! When we finally decided to start the day we got ready and tantivy headed into the city. Lunch at the Top of the Hub. 24

The Top of the Hub gives you an amazing aerial view of Boston from the 52nd floor of the Prudential Tower. Definitely one of my favorite spots. If you come visit Boston, this place is a MUST.


He was wearing one of the new shirts we picked out(;


My delicious haddock with lobster and potato gnocchi. YUM.

The only other thing we needed after a great lunch/early dinner was a great dessert and coffee.


Strawberry, banana, and nutella crepes at Mr. Crepes in Davis Square. Amazing. Andrew got a strawberry, kiwi, and honey one; mine was obviously better.

We ended the night with some football followed by catching up on Mr. Robot.


And that sums up our not long enough weekend.


xo, JJ


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