The Places You Go And The People You Meet: Martha’s Vineyard

Today I’ve done a whole lot of reminiscing over Martha’s Vineyard. My first time going there was probably 2 years ago when Britt non stop nagged me about going; no joke all day every day. So we did it, we finally went and my only regret was not listening to her sooner.

So our first adventure there was on June 15, 2014. Which just so happens to be 2 days after Britt’s birthday. My gem<3

To get to the Vineyard we drive to Woods Hole in the Cape, take a shuttle to the Steamship Authority (the Ferry) and from there it’s a 45 min ride over. And depending on the time of the ferry you take you either land in Vineyard Haven or Oak Bluffs; we usually plan to land in Vineyard Haven.

First thing we did was rent a moped.


It was a two seater so Britt was the designated driver. They made her practice around the area before she was allowed to take me on it.


The moped was the most fun yet scariest mode of transportation. But guys, the one thing I love more than anything on the Vineyard is the fresh air. Coming from the city to the island you can feel and smell the significant difference in air quality. And when riding on the moped its nothing but fresh air blowing in your face. I loved every second of it.

We obviously had to get breakfast at none other than the famous The Black Dog Tavern


Great spot for coffee and breakfast.

Next stop: Lambert’s Cove, a beautiful private beach. No joke, reminded me of a beach that you’d see in Hawaii. You walk through this woodsy pathway…


…and all of a sudden you’re at a beautiful oasis.


Soft white sand, crystal clear blue water.

The next trip to MV was on June 10, 2015, 3 days before Britt’s birthday; are you noticing a trend? This time we went with Britt’s mom too, Teresa.


The ferry ride over.


This time we decided to rent a car (way better idea).


This time we did a couple new adventures such as the Aquinnah Cliffs


Coffee and a treat at the Black Dog Bakery, of course 25

I think this time we also went to the Nancy’s for food which is a popular seafood restaurant/outdoor seating area over looking the water40.

Sunset on the ferry ride back home


The more recent time we went was on July 23, 2016. Miscellaneous pictures throughout our trip.


For the first time for the both of us we went to Chappaquiddick which is another island off of MV, only a 5 min ferry ride over. We found an even more private beach while exploring over there. We also went to a peculiar Japanese Botanical Garden but we didn’t find much interest in it.


Look familiar(;

This is us before we tried the best Seafood at Jimmy Seas which may now be my favorite restaurant on the island.


I also went a second time this year not long ago on Sept 3, 2016. Andrew had never gone so I decided to show him around since I’ve finally become more acquainted with the island.

Right off the ferry @ Vineyard Haven


The Black Dog for breakfast, as usual.


We went to the cliffs to see the view


I was so excited to take him there. We also walked over to the lighthouse-5

My favorite(:

We went and explored Edgartown, shopped, did some sight seeing and got some food.



Over at State Beach


And then my phone died. But we headed back shortly after this was taken.

Every trip to and from MV has been nothing less than amazing. After taking Andrew there I now know the enticement Britt felt about bringing me there for my first time.

xo, JJ


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