These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things: Iphone Apps

Today I want to talk about my favorite Iphone apps, not to be confused with appetizers the food [Thank you Lauren for reminding me that I should probably clarify on that] Although I could definitely spend a whole post talking about my favorite appetizers too.

So before I start I also want to make note of these miscellaneous amusing texts that I got from my friends yesterday. I guess the Messenger app is def a favorite-


Yesss, I love that Renee pointed this out. I want people to know me through my blog- the way I talk, my personality, what I like, how I think, everything. I want everything I post on here to be portrayed to who I am in real life. Thanks Nay for noticing(;7

Harry, Matt and I are looking for another roommate and the interview/showing process makes the three of us woebegone. I guess one of the guys that came to see it last night came with his mother and that’s what she strangely asked. I mean doesn’t everyone bring in their own towel into the bathroom when they shower?!? Weird but comical.


And Britt, just because…. “No the Asian section” LOL. But for real, Mochi is where its at, probably my favorite ‘Asian’ dessert. Green tea all the way!

Anyways, back to apps.

My absolute favorite goes to none other than SNAPCHAT. I mean who doesn’t love those funny cute filters, I sure do! I’m an addict. And snap stories are the best while stuck in traffic(; Here’s a few of my most used and favorite filters…of course.


The one time Snapchat was malfunctioning or something and put this filter on me and Britt. Authentic Snapchat filter. Follow me on Jennyxox

And if you’re anything like Andrew then you’re obsessed with Snapchats Geo-filters. I mean I like them too but he’s taking pictures SOLELY for the geo-filters; for example…


Please note: Pistachio Macaroon. YASSS!

Second favorite, TWITTER.


I don’t nearly have enough time to go through my entire Twitter feed so I end up lurking the same 5-6 people daily and then browse through when I have time. However, I do post just about every day! Here’s MINE unfortunately, mines private but just hit follow.




I loveee looking at other peoples pictures and living vicariously through them. The one thing with Instagram is that 1. your feed is completely out of order so you don’t get the opportunity to see half the pictures of the people that you follow  and 2. it’s soooooo tedious going through your feed. I swear if you don’t check it every hour or two you’ll be sitting there for a good hour scrolling through. Sometimes I just can’t even finish going through mine and end up just giving up also, 3. once you start scrolling through your feed you cannot stop BECAUSE if you go away for one second it loses your spot and brings you right back to the top. Sometimes I just want to cry when that happens (not literally) but that’s when I’ll give up. And or if I accidentally graze my finger at the top of the screen and it automatically brings you to the top (ANGRY EMOJI FACE). Otherwise, I love Instagram and here’s MINE. Also private but just hit follow!


TIMEHOP is oh so clever. Nostalgia much?! If you want a good laugh, just go to your Timehop to see what ridiculous thing or picture you posted 1,2…6,7…years ago. Mine’s just entirely too embarrassing but it’s the type that it’s just so bad that you can’t stop looking. The pictures I think are the worst…I just can’t.


My coworker actually introduced me to this app. I love HOPPER and use it quite often…Want to find when the cheapest flights are for wherever you want to go and get updated on it? Then, GET THIS APP. So useful if you’re a frequent traveler.


Good ol’ VENMO. Need an easy way to send money (or pay back) a friend, family member, anyone…. use this app. It connects right to your bank account (I swear it’s safe! I’m SO particular when it comes to my money so I wouldn’t use it unless it was 100% safe but thus far, it is. And the reviews are great!) It’s the best, quickest, and safest way to transfer money. I just got my mom to download it so I can pay her my phone bill money through it and the first thing she texts me upon downloading/setting up , “Just downloaded venmo send me money to see if it works!” HA touche mom touche….


Lately, I’ve been loving BOOMERANG. It’s just a fun little app to take very quick clips of a movement, it’s just fun to play around with! My very first time making a Boomerang was with Britt and she goes, “It’s three seconds long, pretend you’re taking a step and look back…GO” AND you can find that post on my Instagram!



This girl LOVES her jams. I love Spotify more than Apple Music for no specific reason. They do the same thing, you can create your own playlists etc. Apple Music actually has more options on music, especially on new albums but it’s a monthly fee of $10. Currently I’m using it because I’m using the 3 month free trial. It’s honestly not bad. But I’m just loyal to Spotify. Spotify is free unless you want the premium option (also, $10/month) which allows you to listen to music without wifi. I guess it’s just personal preference.

And there you have it, my favorite apps. As you can see I didn’t put FACEBOOK on there- I really loathe Facebook but I can’t deny that I am an avid user- solely for lurking though and it cures boredom but so do all the other ones and on top of that all the other ones are so time consuming as is. I swear keeping up with social media networks is like having a part time job. And so is this blog, but this blog is SO worth it(:

xo, JJ


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  1. Ash Neverson says:

    Love this! I’m thinking of doing a similar post like this soon 🙂 thank you for this post!


    1. lovejennyxo says:

      aw definitely! if you do- ill for sure read it. thanks for visiting(:

      Liked by 1 person

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