Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone!

I swear my first thought upon waking up every Monday morning is, “I’m gonna guerdon myself with a nap after work…” And almost always, I never end up napping.

But anyways, this weekend… well, it was a cold dreary rainy one but I still managed to make it eventful. I figure that I need to do at least one thing each weekend before the winter comes aka before I hibernate.


It’s about 6PM when my roommate Harry comes home and knocks on my door and goes, “Does Andrew like basketball?” and proceeds to take these out of his pocket…


Sweet, why not?!! (Pros of having roommates) Last minute plans to go see The Celtics practice and scrimmage. Andrew usually goes to the gym after work on Friday’s but this time I hustled him back and we headed over to


Home of the Celtics and Bruins. It was cold dark rainy and I was mid-run while taking this picture. Do it for the blog post!

I’ve never been to this but it’s basically just first come first serve in regards to seating yourself. The players do some drills, shoot around, and scrimmage-




#8 (;





The best thing about rain on the weekends is that I don’t feel guilty about sleeping in. I’m usually up by 8 at the latest but Saturday I slept till about 10- amazing. We lounged in bed until we got hungry and decided to adventure out for some brunch.

We figured that with the rain brunch places wouldn’t be AS busy as it normally would be but NOPE…even in the rain people want their brunch.


We went to Kirkland Tap and Trotter which is actually really good and right around the corner from Andrew’s place. I got the corn beef and hash with pouched eggs and toast. YUM. I devoured it before I could even snap a picture of it.

We then ran some errands…


He got his haircut and then I convinced him that we NEEDED to go to Target(;


Went back home, relaxed, I watched the most recent episode of


Earlier that day we bought tickets to go see Deepwater Horizon because what’s better than a movie on a rainy night. Andrew wanted go see it so I only agreed because the Tomato score was pretty good. Always gotta check the Tomatometer.


So at dinner Andrew and I decided to make a bet. We love making little harmless fun bets against each other (I almost feel bad because I’ve won EVERY bet thus far). But tonight’s bet was whoever could stay up the latest wins.


He started snoozing at about 2AM. I fell asleep shortly after but in the end victory was mine. No surprise there.


Another gloomy day but less rain. Ran a few errands before the Patriots game. They were doing horrible so I started to make taco salad, it came out sooo good!





 It didn’t end too well for the Pats…sigh.

It stopped raining so we headed out; went to a basketball court in Newton and we shot some hoops for a while, ran some more errands and finally went back home to relax.

Andd now here I am, trying to get through my Monday.

Is it Friday yet???

xo, JJ


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