Happy Columbus Day!- unlike most of you who probably have today off, I actually had to go in. However, ironically I’m not at work and laying in bed as I type this. To be honest I’d rather be in the office opposed to laying in bed sick):

But the weekend, the weekend was good; as always.

Friday consisted of sushi and the movies. Andrew and I went to go see


It was okay for me. Tom Hanks was good, as usual…which is probably why Rotton Tomatoes rated it so well.

Life in a Day Saturday


Woke up at 8:20AM to which I fell back asleep till 10AM exactly…



This one was still asleep.

Eventually he woke up and we lounged all morning. My favorite!


Andrew eats breakfast EVERY single morning, I’m not kidding. that’s dedication. But maybe that’s normal, coffee’s my breakfast.


We lounged some more before getting ready for the day. We had a lot of places to go and people to see.


First up, Stop n Shop for some good ol’ groceries. The roister that goes on in grocery stores is chaos.

All the places to go and people to see were taking place in Leominster so we headed there. Our first stop was Target (are you even surprised) but on deck was TOV (again, are you even surprised)….


Guys, you know that I’m smiling from ear to ear right now. *insert 10 heart eyed emojis here*

After we filled our stomachs up with pho, we went right over to Rebecca and Nick’s to see this little guy


I was so occupied with this cutie pie that I forgot to document it soooo Thank you Rebecca, I took it off your default picture on FB lol

From there we actually went to a Baby Shower for my friend Sashay and the father of the baby Alex. Congrats to them again! She’s having a little baby princess! The baby shower was super cute, her mom created some of the best decorations I’ve seen. She did a safari theme…


Later that night, I met up with Renee, Bethany and her husband Shawn. You guys don’t even know how excited I was- having moved to Boston, I hardly see them and coordinating schedules is way harder than you think.


A cute little Mexican Restaurant called Mezcal. Nothing like catching up and reminiscing on life while devouring mounds of guac.

We eventually made our way back home.


HOMESWEETHOME. We were beat, it was a long day and it felt great to lay down and watch some movies.

And SUNDAY looked a little like this:


And now we’re back at Monday and I’m still not feeling well so it’s time for me to snooze a little!

xo, JJ


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  1. apageofme02 says:

    love this little photo blog of your weekend 🙂 xx


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