Thought and Whatnots: My Muchacho

Today I have a univocal post about this guy right here: Andrewunnamed

Don’t let that serious look fool you, he was asking “How do you get music to play on your snapchat?”

How we met:


a. Through sky-diving, my parachute wasn’t working he happened to catch me and we landed safely

b. Through mutual friends

c. At a bar

d. At Naked Fish

The world may never know(;

What I like about you:


The one noticeably different thing between Andrew and all the other guys I’ve dated or gone on dates with is that he genuinely made me laugh out loud. I’m not kidding first date in I was laughing so hard I was crying. And just like that I was sold.

Aside from that, the typical; smart, efficient, sweet, chivalrous, mature, caring, pays for things, takes selfies with me, down to do anything, spends time with me, listens, good texting etiquette, he’s clean cut, family-oriented, I could go on and on.

Quick story: One night early on in our relationship, I went over and I was being “mopey” [as he refers my sad face to] because he watched an episode of Mr Robot without me. I kept saying ‘how sad’ it was that he went ahead and watched it while I was gone. And his cute little response back was “And I think it’s sad that you still haven’t kissed me yet.” That in itself said it all- I chose a good one.

About Andrew:


Well, he’s a Capricorn- because that’s what important here. Half Cuban, half Irish- overall skin tone; pale(;  Works for Fidelity Investments doing something with investments and consulting or whatever it may be.. LOL He likes his coffee with skim milk only. Popsicles and the gym are a few of his favorite things. Eats breakfast EVERY morning, and usually has 2 dinners. Cheeseburgers on the George Foreman are his specialty *eye roll*. Originally from New Hampshire. Loves his Vineyard Vines shirts. Sports & ESPN addict. Thinks he’s a basketball all-star. If we make any bets ever you can guarantee that he’ll ask for back rubs as his reward. SMH.

The peak of my day is always when I get to see that face.

He’s just my muchacho.

xo, JJ


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  1. Super cute! Hope you are doing well!

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