52 Week Blog Challenge: Meet My Best Friend


Today I’m linking up with BRITT’SDAILYDOSE in a 52 week blog challenge that she found for us!


So you guys, every Friday (or any day of the week of your choosing) you can join us by 1. posting the banner 2. linking our blogs to your post:

sitbackandjustlive.wordpress.com brittsdailydose.com

and you’re good to go! We want to read all your great stories as well, which is the reason for the link. Spread the word because more the merrier! So here we go:



That’s Brittney otherwise known as Britt.

She’s my gemini, make-up guru, hair obsessed, banker, smarty-pants, opinionated, sweet-loving, hilarious, wanderluster, coffee drinker, country-MV-city girl. The rose gold to my gold.

When And How Did You Meet: I’ve known Britt for a while, since high school really. But when did we first bond…back in 2012 when we worked together in Macy’s. She was working in jewelry whereas I was at the make-up counter. Figures two of our favorite things(;

What Do You Love About Her: Ultimately Britt’s my other half. She’s one of the very few people that truly knows & understands me; she knows my past, my secrets, my embarrassing and weak moments, everything. No joke, she knows exactly what I’m thinking, how I’d react to something, what I like and don’t like (which is easy because we literally love ALL THE SAME THINGS!)

If You Could Get Her One Thing What Would It Be: a Cartier love bracelet and a vacation to Europe

Who Does She Love: When Britt loves she loves so hard. It’s the Cancer moon in her. She loves her family; Teresa (mom) & Hunter (her bother). The love of her life; Hector and of course Me(:

Her Favorite Food: Well this girl has got Italian in her blood so homemade red sauce and pasta. But really, she eats everything and anything like I do. And is always down to try something new.

Your Favorite Memory Of Her: I legitimately cannot choose just one but lets see…cruising in Annabelle (her car), Boston trips, MV trips, Cumbies & LakeFront, the random miscellaneous adventures she’d take me on SMH, foodie adventures, the one time we went to the movies and had to leave 5 minutes deep because we were too scared. Or hmm, the awful PHOTOSHOOT we did together LOL.

What Do You Wish For Her: I wish that she gets her $10g 1.7ct diamond round stone ring, the wedding & dress of her dreams, the happily ever after “mix and match mama or Chrissy Teigan” style ending. And that she lives a long healthy life with me by her side! Also maintains that ashy blonde tone in her hair until she decides to go dark again!

Thank God for Instagram because it holds a plethora of our old pictures back circa 2012 to current day so here’s our road down memory lane:






1112 13





That’s my best friend for ya.

xo, JJ


9 Comments Add yours

  1. this made me cry and laugh at the same time! i love you & our memories ❤


    1. lovejennyxo says:

      so much love!!! xoxo


  2. teatime2016xo says:

    that’s the best thing I’ve ever read about my baby girl…amazing how you two really have each other down pat!! two peas in a pod 🙂 love you both (and miss you Jenny) xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lovejennyxo says:

      aww well without you, we wouldnt have her! love yaa xoxox


  3. Mack says:

    Awww I absolutely loved reading about this beautiful friendship. Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love the 52 week challenge idea! I might try it, since I’m new to this blogging thing 🙂 Did you guys come up with this?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. xoJenny says:

      Aw that’s awesome to hear, I hope you do, its great just having something preplanned to blog about!! Britt was actually the one that found it so we decided to carry on with it. We just like to read how other people respond to each prompt so be sure to let me know if you end up doing it!! xoxox

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I definitely love the idea of having a set blog for each week, in addition to others 🙂 Thanks and I’ll tag you if I try it!

        Liked by 1 person

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