Weekend Recap

Hey everyone! Hope you guys had a seemingly long weekend just as I did- inevitably Monday still snuck around the corner because here we are again.

Today is my Weekend Recap, be prepared for picture overload, not that its any different than any other day. So lets start ab initio:


I headed over to Andrew’s after work, we ran a few errands and probably by 7 or 8 we were like this


LOL. This is what the end of a work week does to ya. We made some dinner and then continued to just lounge in bed, which I don’t hate one bit.




Slept in- Got ready- thank God for filters on snapchat…5

Went to Target, got some goodies but more importantly Starbs6

Ran an errand (more to come on that in upcoming posts)

Disregard Andrew’s hand that looks like its frost bitten from this snapchat filter.

And then got some lunch at Tavern In The Square  over in Porter


Andrew had to go get the Beemer washed…


We went back to Andrew’s to relax a little before we decided that we wanted to go frolic through Harvard Square for some coffee



This guy(: But more importantly, my hair(:


We found this cute little Harvard University store and got some tshirts


At last some coffee at Peets Coffee. I got a vanilla latte, my first time trying a latte and I now love them!

After we decided to wander through Harvard University, their campus is actually really nice- we discovered this little green area, watched the sunset, took some selfies hah


Went back home, chilled, and watch the Revenant.


Football sunday funday- slept in till really late. Almost till 11, but it felt so good. Got up prepped some meatballs for the slow cooker:

Sorry guys the pictures of the raw meat is so unappealing.


My mouth is still watering from these babies. They cooked to perfection. The only thing I would change is bigger chunks of Mozzarella cheese in the middle.


Patriots killed it with an ending score of 35-17

And once the game ended; it was still gorgeous out so we drove to Faneuil Hall to stroll around the city. God, I love Boston…


Got this yummy treat over at the Boston Market Place. If you know me you know my LOVE for sprinkles hence:27

And driving back home over the Zakim Bridge. 28

We ended the night with a NEW SHOW that we were so eager to start and guys, its all sorts of messed up but one episode in, it’s so good!


If you have HBO, you should definitely watch it.

And that’s all. What was the peak of your weekend?!

xo, JJ


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