These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things: FOOD PLACES in Boston

It’s another dreary day out but nothing cheers me right up other than FOOD. So here I am, talking about my favorite places to eat in Boston. Coming up with this list was hard- I mean real hard, because here in Boston there’s entirely too many high quality places to choose from.

But I’ve narrowed it down and here are a few of my favorites!




If you were to ask my what my favorite restaurant was, it would 100% be The FRIENDLY TOAST. Their breakfast/brunch/lunch is to die for. It’s this cool, hip, vibrant restaurant in Kendall Square (they have a 1 or 2 other locations but this is definitely my favorite). It stinks because I’ve probably only been a handful of times solely because there’s never not a wait…sigh…And at the end of your meal they give you a cute little postcard to take home!




Okay- Brick Oven Pizza lovers listen up- GO TO FIGS. They have unique toppings/flavors cooked to perfection in their brick oven! My favorite one is the calamari one shown above, it’s so good. The place is a small cozy spot on Charles Street, and there’s usually a wait but it’s well worth it! PS- the place next door The Paramount, ALSO really good- go for Brunch!





For you Mexican lovers- this dark captivating seductive restaurant will be your krytonite. And I’ll let you in on a little secret, every Monday LOLITA‘s has all you can eat tacos for $9 upon purchase of a beverage. It comes with soft & hard shells, beef & shredded chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, 3 difference sauces, salsa, chips, and more. I also on the side order the 3 sample guacs because why wouldn’t you. And you just make all the different taco concoctions that you want. Heaven! But more importantly for a complementary dessert they give you that huge thing of cotton candy after your meal! *heart eyes*


Okay speaking of sweets; I love me some waffles, crepes, fondue, coffee and if you do too-




MAX BRENNER‘S is known for their chocolate and if you have a sweet tooth this is a must!

Now for some seafood- what better place to go to than the Seaport District. I love this area, the restaurants over look the harbor, there’s roof decks,  and the food is nothing but superb- kind of on the pricey side because again you’re in the city and you’re paying for location.


So, Britt’s a banker and her members adore her and always give her gifts on gifts- so one of them is I believe the owner of THE BARKING CRAB who happened to give her a $100 gift card to the restaurant. And then me being the luckychosen one to go with her. AND YASSS, the seafood so fresh. The environment is very chill, friendly, relaxed- there’s stand up tables, huge benches that you share with other guests. Come for great fresh seafood and a great view!



This was only 1 of 4-5 things that we ordered that night and EVERYTHING was to die for.

Also, this is your view from that area. Another side note: This was the last day of me being 26.


And last but not least you can’t get through the city without food trucks. My personal favorite food truck goes out to


If you see this truck anywhere


GO TO IT! And you can get this….


Enough said. I get rice, gyros, Israeli salad, pita and add some hot sauce and bbq sauce and there you have it.

Okay all this food talk has be starving! Time for lunch!

xo, JJ


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  1. Love this so much I need to go to every single one with you…likely starting with Figs… we def need to go back to the barking crab again – soo good!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lovejennyxo says:

      yess come here and ill take you to them allllllll!! we can bring mama Teresa too! lol


  2. OMG- what perfect timing. I will be heading to Boston next month…….thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lovejennyxo says:

      Thats so awesome!! Will it be your first time here?


  3. I was in Boston a couple years ago and absolutely fell in love with it! We ate at an Italian place called Antonio’s and I have yet to eat anything better. It was simply amazing. But we also didn’t have a bad meal while we were there, so I can only imagine how hard it was for you to choose a list! Can’t wait to visit again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lovejennyxo says:

      Thats awesome! I love this city!! Where are you visiting from?


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