52 Week Blog Challenge: Meet My Family

Yasss, Friday! I love this day because I never have to think about something to write about- it just so happens that it’s already chosen for me!


Ladies (and gents) if you ever have writers block then use this!!! I follow this every Friday and if you wish to do so also, then just link my best friend BRITT and MYSELF so that we can read along with yours! 🙂


So I come from a small family, I have a Mom, Dad, Sister. Then there’s Grandparents on my Mom’s side both alive, then Grandparents on my Dad’s , no so much alive (sorry morbid). And then I have aunts, uncles, cousins, step aunts, step uncles, and step cousins. But overall, small family.

But today, I’m only talking about the REAL immediate family members in my life…



Here’s her insta; feel free to follow her!

She’s my older 30-year old best friend Twin Sister. Not literally twin but EVERYONE swears we’re twins. She’s hilarious, variegated and lively, smart, a mean cook, athletic, adventurous, most generous, best sissy ever.

She loves her Joey (her cat) it’s the only cat I’ve ever liked and loved because she snugs me every time I go over ha


Now that I’ve moved, I don’t get to see Kathy as often which is SAD. However, word on the street is that she’s gonna try to move out towards me after the winter!!!! (You BETTER!!!) Nevertheless, the best thing about being sister’s is that even though we don’t see each other or talk everyday we know that we’re always there for each other for life. Yeah, that’s right Kathy, you’re stuck with me for life! I always wish nothing but the best for her and I also wish that IF I ever make that move to Texas that you come too!

Also, her and I started this yearly tradition where we book a little mini vacation around May-June to have a nice sister’s getaway. Past two years we went to Orlando and Sarasota, FL.

So here we are the Jo-Shmo sister’s throughout the years









The Madre 🙂

My mom is one of the most studious, traditional, tries to be funny, well dressed, will do anything for her kids, God loving, selfie-taking, helpful human I’ve ever met.

Although at times she drives me crazy- I undoubtedly love her to pieces. She was the one that helped and encouraged me the most to make the move to Boston. She was undyingly supportive and deep down she knew it’s what I wanted and knew how happy I would be out there. For a brief period of time I was getting discouraged with making the move, finding a place was difficult and I was dealing with some crazy unnecessary things but she kept praying for me and wishing me to trek on- and I did. I always know that she is home and I always have her to go to when in doubt.





I want to give a HUGE shout out to my Dad. Although I don’t see him often, let alone talk to him often, he’s ALWAYS there for Kathy and me. He’s the sweetest most gentle Dad that two girls could ask for and I wish and pray for him everyday to be well and healthy!!

xo, JJ


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