Washington DC Trip: Part II

Welcome back everyone, today I’m doing DC part 2. You guys ready?? Again, picture overload however not AS many as yesterdays.

Lets go…

We woke up from a great night of sleep. Chilled for a little, Andrew went to the gym *eye roll* got ready and headed out for some breakfast.


We decided to go find UNION MARKET thanks for Britt’s awesome suggestion.

On the way, we were driving through residential areas and the houses (apartments?) all looked like this


In a way, it looked really cool, buttt too close for comfort much? Georgetown was actually the same exact way but if you could peak through some of the windows while walking by, they’re actually REAALLY nice inside. It reminded me of Southie back here in Boston

And then we found….


This place was so cool. I envisioned it to be similar to the Boston Public Market which is basically local vendors/food market/food places and YUP it was exactly that but honestly even better than Boston’s. It weirdly looked like a warehouse but don’t judge a book by its cover!

It smelled absolutely delicious in there, and there were so many food choices. But I was looking for one thing and one thing only, also recommended by Britt because she knows my love for waffles *heart eyes*



These authentic Belgium waffles were to die for, not your average Ihop waffles- so much BETTER! My mouth is watering just thinking about them and looking back at this picture.

Once we finished eating we headed back to the National Mall to finish up some of the other museums we wanted to see and also swing by The White House.

So at first our directions lead us to the back of the house so we along with a bunch of other tourists were taking pictures through a chain-linked fence (rookies)


Come to find out there was an area where we could walk to see the front of the house.


And from there we headed to the Holocaust Museum.


This sign before entering literally gave me the chills.


I was so entranced throughout all the exhibits that I didn’t take any pictures inside. The aurora inside was of course so sullen, absolutely devastating the things you read and saw. I swear I had chills the entire time. I mean we’ve all learned about it, were educated on it, watched movies, read things on things and this museum just thoroughly touched base on everything in more detail. You walk out of there really feeling some type of way.

On a more lighter note, it was still GORGEOUS out so we decided to get some coffee and sit on the benches at the National Mall park, soak up the sun, people watch etc.



And then headed into our last museum(s)

The National Gallery of Art



We started off in one part of the museum to realize this art really didn’t interest us so we walked to the (East?) Building and that’s where all the good stuff was.

That part of the Art Museum was by far my favorite museum at the Smithsonian. Beautiful, creative, mind-blowing exhibits. I would’ve taken pictures of each and every piece of art if I could. Just standing in the building absorbing the architecture would’ve been good enough for me.

This one exhibit I really liked:




By the time we left there the sun was going down (so sad). Drove by the Capitol building once more and headed to Georgetown for dinner.


We found a cute Korean restaurant in Georgetown, Andrew tried Bibimbap for the first time and was totally a fan of it (score!) By the time dinner was over it was pitch black out so we headed to drop off our rental car and stayed at another hotel near the airport for the night.

Left the hotel for 445AM (death), went through security and waited for our flight departure at 630AM…


And by 830ish we had landed at Logan and were back in Andrew’s car to head back home so that we could go to work.


I fell asleep so early last night and woke up feeling a tad bit under the weather. With that said today will consist of drinking Emergen-c andd we have a health expo in the office WITHHHH someone coming in to give chair massages, so I need to get off this and get in line 😉


How was everyone else’s weekend?!

xo, JJ


15 Comments Add yours

  1. apageofme02 says:

    I love this!! I’m so jealous, I just want to visit everywhere in America! I love your boots in your home time photo, they look super nice 🙂 can we just swap lives for a week? haha xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lovejennyxo says:

      YESSSS we can! haha I really wish there was a way for people to just be able to switch locations that easily for a week, because I would die to see your side of the world. The grass is always greener on the other side it seems ha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. apageofme02 says:

        haha very true! xx

        Liked by 1 person

  2. ayrgalaxy says:

    Glad you had fun!
    Very awesome you went to several places. You really made your visit count.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lovejennyxo says:

      It was so great, we definitely fit A TON into two full days of visiting, it definitely helped that everything was basically within walking distance/in the same area. Thank you so much for reading 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. afrilly says:

    Holy cow, that sign. The one on the Holocaust Museum. I’m so thankful that such museums exist to educate and offer a reminder to stop discrimination.

    Your hair is so brilliant and gorgeous in the sun!! : ) (I suppose Andrew’s hair is also brilliant and gorgeous in the sun – haha :3 )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lovejennyxo says:

      I know right that sign for sure made me feel some type of way before even entering. Chills!!!
      And omg that is so sweet of you, I’ll take any and all hair complements all day every day ha! I’ll say thank you on Andrews behalf as well. You’re the sweetest!! xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Mack says:

    I’ve been wanting to read this post all weekend! Looks like you guys had such a great time! Ya’ll are too cute. Out of curiosity, which waffle belonged to you and which to Andrew?! That is such a fun concept- a waffle bar. I would go nuts! You guys did so much in such a short chunk of time. Thanks for sharing the trip with us, Jenny! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lovejennyxo says:

      LOL, I would likeee to say mine was the salmon one buttt it was not- its funny because I’m usually the one that chooses the better of the two meals, butt I did have my fair share of his so I guess it worked out well. Thanks for reading girlie, as always!!! xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mack says:

        Hahah! See I was guessing the other way around, but either way they both looked delishhhh. DJ always chooses the better of our meals! So I know that life ✌🏻️ haha. Xo

        Liked by 1 person

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