52 Week Blog Challenge: Pet Peeves

I know what you guys are thinking….”Jenny, it’s not Friday!….YET

Well, last week I skipped the 52 Week Blog Challenge because I was busy reminiscing about my Disney trip. So I’m catching up today so that tomorrow I’ll be on the one I should be for the week.

I encourage everyone to participate in the blog challenge there’s great prompt ideas that you follow each week on whatever day of your choosing, mine and Britt’s happen to be FriYAY’s Friday 🙂

Just link back to Brittsdailydose.com and mine sitbackandjustlive.wordpress.com so that we can follow along and read your posts! 




1. b

I will soliloquize with myself before I have to deal with rude people.




I just can’t with chipped polish, it gives me anxiety. It will literally keep me anxious all day until I can go home and fix them.



Now, I know everyone has their own perception on what looks good, what doesn’t etc. But when someone comes up to me and asks me to take a picture for them I will absolutely get the right angle, lighting, background, everything.

EXAMPLES of what I get:

All throughout Disney (which is when I wrote this tweet)

“Okay we really want the castle in the background”

RESULT: all ground, part of the castle cut out

“Can you take one of us in front of Hogwarts”

RESULT: half of Hogwarts cut out

“In front of the Christmas Tree”

RESULT: Where’s the tree?

No joke, it happens ALL of the time. I get so mad and if you know me, I will continue or want to continue to ask more/different people until I get a good one. Maybe it’s the perfectionist in me but like c’mon!


What are some of your pet peeves, please share so I don’t sound like a crazy psycho 😉

xo, JJ


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  1. danniijane says:

    Haha love this. Whenever I ask my partner to take a photo he cuts out the background or takes the most unflattering angles xx


    1. lovejennyxo says:

      Lol my boyfriend is notorious of taking bad pictures of me too so for that I’ll just make him keep trying until I’m satisfied 😉

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  2. ayrgalaxy says:

    Omg! Yes! The photo thing! No one ever gets it right! I’m all about angles and lighting I’ll even tell them to move to a certain spot to get the background. It angers me that people don’t know lol.


    1. lovejennyxo says:

      YESSS I love that you can feel my pain. It’s so incredibly frustrating- lol. I try to scope out people who are holding cameras and such because I’m like “well, since they have a nice camera, they need to know how to take a good picture” but even then sometimes its a utter fail. Id say like 1 out of 10 do a good job and that 1 is probably just you and me haha

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  3. hahaha. chipped nails! one of my pet peeves is when people have no photo consideration. like, when they post a photo of you on ig or whatever, and yo ass sitting there with 3 chins. like, whyyyyy did you not photo consider me rude! LOL


    1. lovejennyxo says:

      YES GIRL! I feel the same exact way, thats’s SUCH a good one. My best friend and I have a rule where we need to fully approve of the picture before we’re allowed to post it of one another lol that should be like a known rule that everyone should follow in courtesy to the other person/people lol


  4. Haha enjoyed reading through these!! 🙂



    1. lovejennyxo says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read, as usual girlie!

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  5. Haha, I recognize myself so much in these! Especially the last one!! SOOO annoying when others don’t see the aesthetics that you see and ruin everything of what could have been an amazing photo, haha! xx

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    1. lovejennyxo says:

      YES! I’m so glad you feel the same way. I legit get so annoyed which I shouldn’t since the people are actually being quite generous to stop and take the photo but still, a little effort could go a long way 🙂 At least I know if I ever ask you to take a photo, it’ll come out perfectly!

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      1. Definitely! Hahaha 🙂

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  6. Haha! Loved reading through these. It always interests me to hear others’ pet peeves! I think my biggest pet peeve is the sound of silverware scraping against a plate. Ah. Gives me the heebie jeebies!

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    1. lovejennyxo says:

      That’s a good one, the sound of that is like equivalent to nails on a chalkboard, I’m cringing just thinking about it! lol


  7. teatime2016xo says:

    Haha! Well you know me and my nail obsession…nuff said 🙂 ❤ A couple of my pet peeves are people that put their toilet paper on backwards so you cannot find where it begins…Peeps the toilet paper roll should go "over — not under" and another one is when someone leaves one last tiny little bite of food on their plate….like seriously is that last 1/2 ounce of food too much for you? smh hahahah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lovejennyxo says:

      HA that’s so funny my mom is the same way in regards to the toilet paper. I remember back in the day she would get sooo annoyed when I put it on the wrong way- but you’re right it is a total pain!! xoxoxo

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  8. 1weekmaryx says:

    Hahah I love this! I’d probably be the person taking the messed up pictures, well that’s what my siblings think about my photography skills 😂 & I can’t handle it when people rub tissue it goes through me so bad😭 Thanks for sharing! Xx


  9. afrilly says:

    Photo: This always boggles my mind. It happens to me too, every single time. Maybe it’s something about being asked to take a photo that is so jarring it makes such helpful, friendly people take shots where our entire bodies fill the frame. No, I don’t want a record of those dorky boots I was wearing because that’s all I could fit in the suitcase!

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    1. lovejennyxo says:

      LOL! That is hysterical because my friend and I that went together were dreading wearing out sneakers because I mean c’mon they don’t go with our cute outfits but a total must with the amount of walking we did ANDDD of course in every picture they snap our feet lol I think we even mentioned to a few that we don’t mind if our feet were cut out once we noticed that everyone was getting it in the picture and yet, they were still in the picture lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. afrilly says:

        HAHA omg it happens EVERY TIME.

        I wonder if when I help others take a photo, if I do the same thing! XD Must be some glitch in our brains.


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