Life Lately

Hi my friends, hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday. I’m just barely making it through knowing that I still have one more, hopefully half, day of work left before I can officially start my Christmas/Holiday break. Although I am boon that my company grants us quite a few extra days off.

And for all of you already on break from work or school- I’m totally jealous, but enjoy!!!

SIDE NOTE: Seeing as though next week is the LAST week before the New Year (crazy!!!) I’ve pre-planned fun reminiscent recap blog posts in order to share what 2016 was like for me. So why am I sharing/telling you all this? Wellll, because if you have time, I absolutely want you to join in/and or do something similar (if you haven’t planned on doing something like it already) 🙂

Here’s the line up:

Monday: Holiday Recap [obviously]

Tuesday: A 2016 month to month photo recap from your cellphones photo album [so basically start from the beginning of 2016 and choose ONLY 1 picture to showcase for that month- I’m not sure about androids but iphones date the pictures so it makes it quite easy!]

Wednesday: A hair transformation through 2016 [I realize I change my hair color and length so often- I can’t wait to show you guys the different stages up to current day]

Thursday: Traveling through 2016 

Friday: 52 Week Blog Challenge: Social Media Phenomenon; so I’ll be doing a 2016 month to month photo recap from my Instagram page to show my gratitude towards social media apps and how they hold my cherished memories every year!

Okay enough of next week lets get back to the present day!


  1. Wayyy back on Thursday December 1st the day before I left for Disney World; Andrew got us last minute tickets to the Celtics game at the good ol’ TD Garden.




But sadly, we lost this game…


2. Every year (well the two years I’ve been here so far) me and one of my coworkers help coordinate a Toys For Tots donation. We work directly with a child care center where they give us a list of initials, their age, and a few things they want. It was amazing the turn out was great; its hard to see but there’s presents stacked up in the way back as well. Wishing those kids and families a very Merry Christmas.


And I had to share this; every time the sunsets the whole office darts to this side of the office to watch it because its absolutely gorgeous!


3. I’m SOOO excited to share this


This is what happens when you have an AMAZING blogging friend from London who sends you a beautiful Christmas card and yummy chocolates! So much love to Fran everyone go visit her over at A Page Of Me Blog

4. More Christmas cards from my loving friends. I seriously LOVE receiving Christmas cards- so if you have extras send them my way!


Top LEFT: from Britt’s  bank over at DCU, I told her I wanted one sent to me; Best friend privileges.

Bottom LEFT: Rebecca + Nick and their sweet sweet little one Jacob.

RIGHT: My favorite family that I babysit for who are now like family; Yi-Ting + Noah

5. Last but not least, Andrew’s and my first tree and presents under next to the tree LOL. It’s still a working progress, and a lot more presents needing to be wrapped and such


6. Okay okay…. THIS is the last thing haha


My whole heart ❤

xo, JJ


35 thoughts on “Life Lately

    • lovejennyxo says:

      Yes, yes yes!! You should! I was telling one of the other girls that its so much harder than I thought to just choose 1 picture but I’m totally sticking by it! I can’t wait to see what 2016 was like for you!!! xo

      Liked by 1 person

  1. apageofme02 says:

    Please can you do a hair care post! I want to know how you keep it so nice and style it! Thanks for the mention 😀 glad you enjoyed the gifts! You’re Christmas tree looks cute 🙂 exciting for all your posts coming up 🙂 xxxx

    Liked by 2 people

    • lovejennyxo says:

      Likewise girlie! I’m excited to see what you were up to all year long 🙂 When I was going back on all my pictures I was like, jeeze I have too many things I want to highlight, share, and remember for my own sake so I figured this would be a good way to intertwine them all. xoxo


    • lovejennyxo says:

      YAYY I’m so excited that you’ll be doing it too! I was going through my photos last night and its honestly harder than I thought to choose just 1 picture per month, esp when multiple good things happened! But I’m so thrilled to see your recaps 🙂 xo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. K.M. Sutton says:

    I love your Year recap ideas! And the hair one made me laugh, because literally my hair has had a huge revolution the last 12 months.
    I love receiving Christmas Cards (actually snail mail in general!) I hope you have an amazing holiday and week beauty! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      • K.M. Sutton says:

        LMAO I love it! It really is! I have tried to go other colors…But I am blonde. A lesson I learned the hard way this year when I tried to switch it up lol. I actually did do a blog post in March about my hairvolution 🙂 I might have to do another one! Bwahaha. Some looks I am like never ever again! i told my friends, do not let me dye it and do NOT let me cut it! :p ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Mackenzie says:

    Hopefully by this point that half day is over with!!!! Wooohooo! I am SOOOOO excited about these posts to come! What an amazing idea! Seriously so fun. I’m pumped to check allll that out. You know I won’t miss a single one!

    We all do seriously need to go to a game together! That’d be the shizzz. I cannot believe that Fran sent you that package!!! WHAT A GEM! I am obsessed that you guys met through blogging, that is way cool, girl. Also- ya’ll look super ready for Christmas! Send my love to you two xoxooxox. Have such a good Christmas! Can’t wait to read all about it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • lovejennyxo says:

      That would be SO fun if we could go to a game together, esp if it was like Celtics versus….umm your team? lol Can you tell I know basketball so well 😉 But I know Fran is such a doll- I think we need to arrange something like that, I wouldnt mind getting some stuff from Cali! I mean like if I ever needed lettuce, I’d know who to call LOLOL. I can’t wait to read about your holidays either! I’m predicting its going to be a long post and I’ll casually have a long comment to go with it ha Have a great Christmas, to you and DJ and your mom, sister, and everyone else xoxoxo

      Liked by 1 person

      • Mackenzie says:

        Uh heck yah girl! And our team is the Cavs! (And lakers too for a specific player). We are stuck in Warrior country so probably not the best situation for being fans of those teams 😂 and guess what? They came by last night for baking Soda (which is pretty normal). So DJ called me and I had to talk him through where it was. Then they go – “no like laundry baking soda” 🙄 Can’t win!!!!! Haha. Our list is growing. So hey , I can send u some non laundry baking soda 😝 and I can’t wait to read about all of yours!!!! This next week is insane and I’m like wait when am I gonna have time to catch up on all my blog franzz lives ?!?? Stressin me out I tell ya 😜 Shoot this is a follow up comment and it’s still so long! Have a great FRIYAY, JJ!!!!! Xoxo xoxo


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