Interviewing BrittsDailyDose

Hello all 🙂

Today is exciting because on this lovely Thursday, my best friend Britt and I are linking up together for a fun little interview sesh.

You can also head over to BrittsDailyDose and read her interview with me!

So here’s the scoop: Britt and I have known each other since um 2012? Okay well we’ve actually known each other for much longer; you know, through those high school & college parties and such. But the big guy up there just knew that her and I were meant to be the best of friends and let her little Gemini self cross paths into my little Virgo world. And here we are now. A Gemini-Virgo duo. My other half.

Also, back on my very first 52 Week Blog Challenge, I did a meet my best friend so if this ain’t enough go over here and read about her some more!

Okay Britt here we go…

  1. What is your full name and if you could change your first name what would it be – Brittney Paige Davidson. I think it suits me pretty well. The only other names I like are ones I’m saving for my kid(s)  🙂  Fun fact, when my initials are lowercase (bpd), it’s the same symbol flipped 3 different ways.

  1. Describe how your most recent Monday went down in as much detail – Today is Monday. I woke up at 6:40AM, and lounged in bed until 7. Hopped in the shower, was at work for 8:30. In the meantime, I was texting you (who else could I text before 8AM?! ;)) Work wasn’t too busy, I posted my e-reader post (link it plz), ate some homemade kale chips, and got out of work around 5:30. My boyfriend and I went to a local outdoors-y store called Cabela’s and shopped around for a few things. Got home later that night, made my famous crusted chicken parmesan, read my new book, and passed out!

  1. What’s our favorite thing to do together – Lol…anything that we like to do, we’d prefer to do it together!! Cooking, shopping, traveling, eating, talking, getting nails done, getting oil changes, going grocery shopping, coffee runs, Target trips, crying about boys, gushing about boys, anything is better when you do it with your best friend.

  1. What do you think you can cook or bake the best & give us the recipe – There’s a lot of things I like to cook! I like to think my mom gave me the skills of knowing how to make (most) things without cook book. However, my favorite thing that I make is my mom’s sauce. I can’t tell you the recipe though – generations of Italians would be very disappointed in me 😉 My chili isn’t bad either… but that’s our chili now, so I can’t claim that one 😛

  1. If you could choose 1 thing that your most passionate about what would it be and why – Either travel or photography. I can explain both. With travel, I feel the universe just pulling me to adventure. I feel a constant NEED to see new places and explore new cultures, nothing thrills me more. I’d also say photography because I really, truly, enjoy it. I think I’m decent at it, and this is just the beginning of my learning. I started a new photography Instagram, and I’m having tons of fun playing with it. Combine travel and photography… now that’s what I’m REALLY passionate about J

  1. Where was your favorite vacation and who were you with?-  If you know me, you know my favorite thing in LIFE is traveling. How am I supposed to pick a favorite?! If I MUST… I’m going to go with my most recent trip, to California. My boyfriend and I went for a week, and did SO many things. The beauty of California truly is what sold me though. This photo was from Newport Beach, which is a small beach town in Orange County.4

  1. If you were forced to open up a bakery what would you call it?- Britts Bites! (I’d sell only macaroons and mini desserts!) Best friend gets unlimited macaroon pass.

  1. List your favorite social networks in order to fave-least favorite – Instagram, snap chat, twitter, facebook. For sure. @brittneydavidson on insta! 😛

  1. Think about your typical make up routine; what do you use and what brand is it – If we’re talking my every day face, it’s nothing crazy. I got lucky with pretty decent skin, so I don’t wear a foundation. My concealer varies, but right now I’m using the NARS creamy concealer. I always use bronzer and blush, and my favorite brand for those items is too faced. For my eyeliner, I lean towards liquid. Right now I’m using Kat von D. Mascara kills me. I hate to spend Sephora $$ on mascara, because I’m convinced drug store is equivalent. Right now I’m using good old Covergirl LashBlast Volume (the orange one), but I don’t love it.

10. Show us your favorite picture of you and me- Ahhhhhhhhh. This question is the hardest one. We have SO MANY good pictures together ❤ My favorite of all time would probably be this one Country Fest 2013! But since I can’t find that picture, here are some of my favorite oldies but goodies…34

Thanks Britt for participating in the interview!

You can see my other interviewing post with Andrew HERE

Stay tuned for more interviews in the future!!!

xo, JJ


15 thoughts on “Interviewing BrittsDailyDose

    • xoJenny says:

      Aw thanks Amy. Totally fun interviewing someone and it’s a great way for your readers to know more about the people closest to you! Highly advise! Thanks for reading xoxo


  1. Mackenzie says:

    Definitely reiterating what I said on Britt’s page: YOU TWO are the cutest! Goodness gracious. We are talkin’ the epitome of a sisterly friendship. LOVE this idea, and loved reading all your responses!

    Liked by 1 person

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