Weekend Recap

Hello my favorite people and happy Monday!

So here’s the deal, if I could sum up my weekend in 4 words it’d be A. LOT. OF. FOOD. I also think Andrew and I may have broke the record for most grocery store trips in one weekend… I think our total was 4 trips. Okay, it’s not that many but definitely more excessive than normal. Oh and, if you thought this post was going to be about that cute little pup in my header picture, you’re also right because there’s a huge chunk of that face in this post too.

So lets see,


After work I was so excited because Renee and I had planned to meet up for dinner. Her and I are not fastidious and quickly agreed that The Cheesecake Factory would be more than satisfying. It depresses me how rarely I see her these days (since I’ve moved). I remember back in the day her and I were together almost every day going on night time cruises around the town, we’d shop like it was our job, and wander aimlessly through the aisles at Target. #theglorydays

And here she is!2

One of my favorite meals appetizers from TCF are those darn Buffalo Blasts. It’s a pretty big portion so I order it as my meal every now and then, and it never ever disappoints.3

If you like anything ‘buffalo chicken’ then this is a great go-to!

After dinner Andrew and I headed to Grocery store trip #1.

I was totally inspired by Mack Marie’s Friday Favorites post when she mentioned banana pancakes. I instantly had it in my head that I wanted to make some. Also Mack, look what I found while there:4

So tempted to try one but we have so much cereal at home as is….one day though!

Immediately upon getting home I got to work on the banana pancakes. Andrew’s mom got us this little mini Ninja blender/bullet thing for xmas and I swear it’s the best thing ever. We use it all the time and if you’re an avid cooker, you totally need one! It’s something like this but ours is a much smaller version24.JPG

And no pictures of the pancakes sadly- too busy experimenting and eating. But overall consensus: they were delicious


Andrew and I woke up early, we had left over banana pancake batter so we made more for breakfast. And then we fell back asleep LOL…till about 1PM.

This was me the rest of the day. Didn’t brush my hair all day (which is actually pretty normal for me). Sweatshirt, yogas, and Nikes. Check, check, and check!

Also just know that even though I officially got out of bed at 1PM… I got my coffee, went to the grocery store #2, came back to the apartment and did a nice clean sweep of my place. #productive (after coffee)

Later that night Andrew’s mom invited us and the crew (brother, sister in law, and two nieces) over for some homemade Cuban Sandwiches. 14

Can’t forget the finger foods26

They were probably the best Cuban sandwiches I’ve had. But Andrew and I were more psyched to see Brownie!!! 1715182019

Can you tell how obsessed we are. Puppy love at its finest.

And of course, can’t go a night without some snapchat fun9101112

And if all that food wasn’t enough, Andrew’s mom made us all Mango Smoothies13

Oh man guys, if you know me, I don’t like mangos- never have ever….but this was the best smoothie I’ve had.

And some Star Wars for our entertainment. Notice the two littles who are a blur because they were throwing and shooting little foam balls at us all. They’re the cutest. 16


We wanted to make more pancakes (we get obsessed when we find a recipe we like) but had no more bananas so grocery store trip #3 happened. Sadly the bananas were no where near being ripe so instead we bought strawberries and this happened.

Okay, I know it looks like a piece of bologna on a frying pan but just know its strawberry pancake batter! YES ninja blender came in handy, again. Oh and if you want to know what the banana pancakes looked like, just like this but yellow 😉25

Another success. I like them better than the banana ones, a little more potent in taste for me. I spread some nutella on mine, of course, so good!

We also bought stuff to make meatballs in the crock pot since we knew we’d be out and about running errands all day. And while we were out we ended up at grocery store trip #4 to get a small lunch before heading back home.

When we got back home, I had to go into the office for an hour but then came home to these beauties…21

with some wheat pasta and spinach22

And thennn, as if we couldn’t get enough of the ninja, we concocted one more thing…

A strawberry smoothie to end the night23

I swear that’s the end of it!

With that said, I hope you guys are leaving my page nice and full 😉

xo, JJ


31 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

    • xoJenny says:

      And the best thing about banana pancakes (or any pancakes) is that you CAN eat them at any time of day! 🙂 I can’t believe it took me this long to actually make banana pancakes such a game changer lol I’m dying to try banana and chocolate chips, that’ll be my next cooking expedition!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. thefloridiangirl says:

    Looks like you had a great weekend! But oh man all the food 😩. I love Cuban food, I LOVE Cuban sandwhiches! I can’t imagine how good those were homemade and fresh! They sure looked great. You’re so lucky to have access to such great homecookef yummies! And I always love seeing pics of the pup too!


    • xoJenny says:

      I honestly haven’t ever had Cuban sandwiches (or food) until I met Andrew and thank god I did because I was missing out! I love that he’s half Cuban and although his mom isn’t the Cuban side she seriously makes some amazing food. Definitely blessed to have her around. And omg the pup, every time we see him we get dog fever galore! We totally joke around that we only will go to these family get togethers if Brownie is there lol

      Liked by 1 person

      • thefloridiangirl says:

        Oh I hear ya about puppy fever. My sis and her bf just got a puppy and it’s sooo cute and makes me want another one to play with our current dog. But then the puppy stages are so much work! Well atleast they know how to always make you come over! Use the dog as bait lol

        Liked by 1 person

      • xoJenny says:

        I need one soooo bad lol I’m so torn because I want a puppy butttt I also love vacations and I can really honestly only afford one (barely even one sometimes LOL) but yeah vacations win. And in the meantime I relish my time with Brownie every now and then ha xoxo


    • xoJenny says:

      And he’s such a sweet dog too, barely makes a peep and is so snuggly. I’m melting just thinking about him lol And the ninja blender is so great, I need to get a bigger one but definitely one of my favorite appliances!! So handy!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ayrgalaxy says:

    Seriously, I still haven’t gone to the Cheesecake Factory because I’m never on that side of town lol. Ugh. Keep reminding me though, eventually I will go lol.
    And I have those days when I don’t brush my hair. Today was one of those days lol. Too much homework to do lol.
    And lots of delicious Cuban food I see. I would have loved to try that mango smoothie. I love fruit smoothies so much. If I could drink them all the time I probably would 😉
    And omg omg omg omg omg the doggie’s sweater!!!!!!! *squeals* adorable!


    • xoJenny says:

      Girl get dat booty over to the cheese fac!!! It’s so good you won’t be disappointed!!! Family date night lol Brushing hair is so overrated anyways haha I honestly prefer the messy look and not to mention the messiness totally gives my hair that nice wavy-ish volume that I love. Idek what she put in that mango smoothie because it tasted like orange and pineapple all mixed…i’ll gather the recipe and share! Do you have a ninja blender or blender in general because you can make all the smoothies your heart desires!!!! Totally necessary lol

      Liked by 1 person

      • ayrgalaxy says:

        I’m trying 😔 I think I asked the hubby if he can take me there for our next date lol.
        For real, who cares about hair brushing? Unfortunately I have to or my hair will be a huge tangled mess lol.
        Haha yes I do. It’s so big I haven’t used it in a while but it’s perfect for smoothies and crushing ice hahaha

        Liked by 1 person

  3. K.M. Sutton says:

    I am so happy you like your ninja! I have such bad luck with blenders but so far so god my ninja is working (yay!!!) Smoothies are literally my go to in the morning!
    I love that you went to the grocery store four times!
    You do yoga chic so well!
    And oh my gosh Brownie is the cutest!
    And where can I get that Harry Potter filter! Obsessed!
    Strawberry pancakes sound so yummy and those meatballs! It is super early and already I am famished reading your post! They looked so yummy! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • xoJenny says:

      The ninja is the best thing ever, I need to get a bigger one for sure though- more room for more smoothies lol what are some of the things you put in yours?! I want to try adding maybe some veggies but I’m not sure that I’m ready for that yet lol And the HP filter, I was in love, it was there for that one night and haven’t seen it since. Sigh. Thanks so much for reading ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • K.M. Sutton says:

        Haha yes it is! I have a couple different sized containers which is nice! My go too (and I am planing to share the recipe at some point on my blog when I have the time to take pics🤣) is frozen berries, kale, protien powder, coconut oil(also use applesauce) greek yogurt, flaxseed, chiaseeds honey, oats, water and cinnamon. It sounds like a tasteful, but it is actually really yummy. Tastes like a liquified berry crisp!😊 I have some good veggie smoothie recipes. I love them because you can hide the veggies but still get your daily dose!🤣 I use to have a juicer which I loved. Smoothies are a little harder. But I do use my ninja to make soups and apple sauce if I need them to be smoother!
        Darn it! Lol I will have to be on the look out hopefully they will bring it back! You are most welcome anytime sweets!😘😘


  4. Mackenzie says:

    Cheesecake is ALWAYS more than satisfying. I’m so glad you got some time with your dear friend! Oh my lanta- now there is a girl scout cereal collection!!!!!!! WOWZA! I need to hunt that down!! Who woulda known there is a caramel crunch too?!?! So glad you took a picture of that! JJ- those Nikes! I need those. Oh em gee the foooood. And I love those snaps of you and Andrew. Ya’ll are my favorite!

    HOLD THE PHONE! Strawberry pancakes! OKAY that sounds delicious! And putting nutella on it too! WOW. Sounds SOOOOO good. GENIUS! That ninja is working magic. LOVE IT.

    So now that I just got around to THIS weekend recap, I can’t wait to see what this coming weekend has in store! xoxo


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