Whats On My Phone

Before I get to my post today I’m going to digress a little. The other day I went and bought this super cute long plaid button up top- and if you can recall, I’m a total dress/skirt wearer so when I laid eyes on this long plaid top, I figured I could wear it as a dress. It seemed long enough for it. Until yesterday, when I actually tried it on and nope… just a tad too short. Total bummer. I also should add that I’m not a fan of overly long tops on me (love the look on other people though paired with some leggings…) So I hopped onto good ol’ Pinterest, pinterest’d some outfit ideas and did my first pinterest outfit recreation.

Turns out I really like it. Not my normal style but totally comfy and I’d definitely rewear this again.

Anyways back to my original post:

Whats On My IPhone?

As a reference, I have the 6S 128gb rose gold Iphone. At first I thought 128gb was a tad excessive and it still might be but I wouldn’t change it because there’s so much room for ALL my pictures 🙂

 I also way back when did a My Favorite Apps post so feel free to look back at that…

2Beach photo from Miami South Beach

My main screen


Apps I use most on this page: My calendar is attached to my work email so those are work related events or meetings, Camera & Photo (of course), Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, My mobile bank, Waze, Safari, Dictionary, and Weather. All of which are self-explanatory.

Second screen


Apps I use most on this page: Mail which is connected to my gmail and outlook work email

Venmo: super convenient to pay people back or receive money

Jabber: work instant messenger

Hopper: my favorite app to see and keep track when the cheapest time to fly to certain locations are

Amazon, Timehop, and Spotify (all self explanatory)

And my last screen


Which is only here so I can see these adorable faces 🙂 But Yelp all the way!

Any apps you guys suggest I should get? If so, do share!

xo, JJ


46 thoughts on “Whats On My Phone

    • xoJenny says:

      Right!!! You totally get me, I feel the same way and I have zero curves so it just makes me look more square than I already am lol but long baggy tops are so comfy (bittersweet) and it was finally something I didn’t buy that wasn’t all black so I was like I must find a way to utilize it! Overall successful😄 Thanks girlie!!!


    • xoJenny says:

      Yess hopper is really awesome and my favorite thing about it is that if you know you want to go somewhere on a certain time frame you can “watch the trip” and they will update you automatically when prices drop and get higher (😒) but it’s so handy. I’ve used it for every trip I’ve gone on so far! I just added that app onto my iPad, can’t wait to explore around!!!

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  1. itsgeorgiaxoxo says:

    GET THE WORDPRESS APP, literally such a time saver! I write most of my posts on this while I’m on my bus to school or if a random idea comes I always make a draft about it!!! PS. That top looks super cute on you x

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    • xoJenny says:

      Girl kudos to you for writing your posts right from your phone!!! I always feel like I need the actual monitor and keyboard for me to write anything! Although I imagine posting pictures is so much easier. Just downloaded it onto my iPad though yay!! 😁

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    • xoJenny says:

      No, never heard of snapseed but I love any photo editing app. I’m gonna give that a try! And thank youu. I definitely like the shirt now that I know I can pull it off like that. It’s from Target- you need one in your life 🙂


  2. ayrgalaxy says:

    I love the top on you! You’re definitely pulling it off! 😊
    And apps…. lemme check mi teléfono celular 😂

    VSCO to edit pictures but I hardly use it now lol.
    Definitely get the WP app. I read most blogs on here and copy and paste my blog posts which I’ve written on my iphones notepad. Lol. So much easier than constantly having to be on my laptop lol.

    Non-blogging…I have an app for meditation. Lol.

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    • xoJenny says:

      Ohhh whats this meditation one?! When I was working out in the actual city, meditation was all the rave everyone and anyone was talking about it and I feel like I need that in my life. VSCO is great, I go back and forth with that and insta to edit my pictures, it’s definitely easier for me to just go through insta but I feel like VSCO makes them look a tad better. I can’t believe you write your posts right from your phone! How do you even do that lol Although I do think that attaching photos and videos are probably much easier that way. I’m always emailing them to myself and then saving them and then uploading them to wordpress- it’s tedious!!! I did download it onto my ipad though, maybe I’ll give it a try just to see 🙂

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      • ayrgalaxy says:

        The meditation app is called Stop Breathe & Think. I love it because you check in before and after you meditate to record how you’re feeling emotionally and physically. This feature helped me out a lot when I had anxiety. Seeing an actual change with meditation throughout each week made me feel much better about myself. Meditation does wonders! 😊 it’s like yoga but no exercise lmao.

        It also keeps track of how long you’ve meditated for and days in a row meditated. To date I’ve done only 60 days in a row but I still meditate just can’t always record it lol.
        Yeah VSCO was one of the apps I first got. I like the different filters. I am finding myself using it less and less though lol.
        And well, I sort of write out my ideas, what I want to say in the blog post, etc. Then I just paste in onto a new draft on the app. All my pictures are taken with my dslr so they’re in my computer. So any finishing touches such as adding photos, changing font size, text alignment, text color, etc, that’s all done in my laptop because the WP app is limited in its editing abilities. However, it’s perfect for when you want to catch up on blog and you’re not near your laptop lol. Hopefully you like it, if not for posts, at least for reading lol.

        with how you’re feeling emotionally and physically, and the app uses that information and suggests which meditations you should do based on how you’re feeling. And when you’re done, you can check in again and record

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  3. TheFallibleQueen says:

    I recommend whatsapp (It’s a great and free way to talk to relatives internationally or with your friends, it’s such an easy convenience for me). I love yelp too it’s helped me a lot with finding places :).I recommend also downloading the influenster app (It’s an easy way to sync your social media accounts and test new products they send to you). Lastly, the Share the Meal app is an easy way to donate money to the World Food Programme to provide meals for kids all around the world. 50 cents a day can provide a child a meal :).

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    • xoJenny says:

      You are such a sweetheart! Whatsapp, I hear is sooo handy. So many people I know use it, unfortunately I don’t really have anyone out of the country to contact- although I wish I did!! And the Meal App sounds like such a great thing to donate to. Anything involving helping kids, I’m such a sucker for! Thank you for your lovely suggestions!! xo

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  4. RomanAndJesci says:

    Love the flannel! I’ve done that too in the past, where I’d buy the flannel and picture it as a dress but then it becomes not long enough so I end up wearing it exactly how you put it together!! Haha it’s so interesting seeing your apps and your faves! And of course such a cute background! I have the wordpress app and for the longest time I’d write all my posts via phone but Roman saw the struggle so since he got me a macbook, I never touched the app again lol! But you should download it anyway and give it a try! Make even more use of that 128gb! Haha before upgrading my iPhone I was contemplating for the longest time but so happy I went with the 128gb because no more worrying on running low on memory when taking pictures! We’re iPhone twinsies because i have the rose gold too! Btw Priceline is a good app for flights and hotels too! Even for car rentals when traveling. I noticed Roman finds the best deals on that app since you can negotiate like list your price that you want and the hotel/car rental will either accept it or give you their lowest price instantly! Also idk if this is tmi but I have a period tracker app and I absolutely love it because it tells me ahead of time when my next cycle will be so it never comes to me as a surprise!! Hahah and I love planners and organizing and in a way having that app and keeping track, it suffices my OCD. But anywaaays! Haha have a great weekend girlllll, loved the post as always! 🙂

    – Jess

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    • xoJenny says:

      Okay the period app (not TMI) literally such a good suggestion because I never can keep track of when it’s coming!!! I know kinda around when but like I always ask Andrew, “do you remember what day it was last month” not that it’s his job to remember haha Totally need to download that! And the wordpress app, goodness how does one write their posts via their phone!!! One other person suggested that, which I did inevitably download it onto my ipad…but I give total kudos to you for writing posts via your phone for some time! Also no idea that you could negotiate prices like that on priceline! Such a handy thing to know…I think I’m going to have Andrew download that one he’s so good with the whole traveling, researching, and booking lol Thanks for the suggestions girlie, totally helpful!! xoxoxo


    • xoJenny says:

      Oh it’s so handy!!! Like if you know what dates you want to fly out you can ‘watch the trip’ and they’ll send you updates when prices go down or rise but it’s certainly a great little traveling app!!!

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  5. thatswhatsupblogger says:

    Omg I have got to try Hopper! I have never heard of it! Also, I am so in love with your outfit! I love that you did the Pinterest recreation. I am dying to do some recreations from Pinterest and magazines but have been lacking the time! Seriously girl, that outfit is an A+ in my eyes! xo

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  6. K.M. Sutton says:

    Oh my god LOVE your top! AND those necklaces! Fashion win 🙂
    A couple years ago I upgraded from 16 gigs to 64 and when I bought the seven I upgraded to 124. It did seem excessive, but a tech savvy friend (of which I am not) told me that I would be able to keep my phone longer because I would have more space for updates. So happy I did it!
    Love Venmo (I laugh so hard when Autocorrect changes it to venom) I actually wrote a post awhile back about Venmo.
    I love the Seamless app as well as OpenTable (Not a foodie at all 😉 I also have my sports teams (I won’t scare you with mentioning them 😉 and because I travel so much, I have JetBlue MTA and Amtrak (gives notifications on flights, trains, etc) ❤

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    • xoJenny says:

      Yes the gb space is so crucial, I totally agree (also not tech savy) but from my old phone which was 32gb I think, I kept running out of room and it was SO annoying! So I originally wanted 64 but when I went to go buy my phone they only had 128 which now was just a blessing in disguise because I’m so pleased to have all the extra space. Andrew currently only has 16 and he runs out of room daily. I told him he needs an upgrade anyways! And Venmo is so handy…. more so to receive money 😉 I actually JUST got the open table app two weekends ago. I was trying to make a reservation and the only way I could was to download the app which I actually use quite frequently now….I don’t like food either 😉 hahaha


  7. Milena ☁️ says:

    It’s interesting to see how others organise their phone! Like you, I don’t put my apps in folders either! I always make fun of Dave for having his in folders and being super organised 😅 Hopper sounds like an amazing app! And I’m sooooo jealous of your 128gb memory! Back when I got my phone, I didn’t think it was that important but I soon discovered that if you take lots of photos it’s kind of necessary 🙈 iCloud is a lifesaver for me haha! xxx

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    • xoJenny says:

      Oh I know I like seeing all the apps laid out lol The only ones I have in folders are the apps that come on the phone that I don’t use or miscellaneous apps that I like to have but rarely use. The tool is surely handy buy yeah I don’t really utilize it. The 128gb is sooo great but you’re so right icloud is a perfect alternative for when you run out of space. I think Andrew only has 16gb…. IDK how he does it. He can barely have anything on his phone… good thing I’m in charge of all the picture taking anyways haha xoxo

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  8. Mackenzie says:

    JJ, you rocked that flannel so well! I like it better on you than the pinterest girl. Also- I love how unique this post is! It’s like insight into your very small scale day to day and it’s too fun! Also—- Merriam Webster as one of your main apps- you’re my favorite. Hahaha. That is amazing. And you should look into Dub Smash! It’s a blast! xox

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    • xoJenny says:

      Aww this just made my day!!! ❤ (Even though I'm reading it 3 days late) And heck yes, the dictionary app- I love the app for some weird reason and they also have like word games on there too that I sometimes indulge in haha okay I sound so nerdy there but whatevs! I've been wanting to do dub smash- idk why I haven't yet (kinda like bitmoji, so late to the game) but I think I might download it tonight because I think tomorrow will be a snow day so it'll be a great form of entertainment hahah thanks girl xoxox

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  9. H.Veber says:

    I really liked your post and it helped me.
    I’ve made post about ios vs android so if you have time and will go and check it.
    I’m new here so pls follow, I defenately follow you.. 😀

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