Okay this is totally an unorthodox kind of post butttt



So here’s the deal I skipped blogging today so that I could catch up on reading blogs before the weekend. Which I did…BUT

When I was commenting on some I noticed that upon submitting my comment it wasn’t showing up on some of your pages! SO

for the first few, I assumed like okay maybe they need to “approve” the comment because I know that’s a thing. But then I was on some blogs that I’m on VERY frequently and noticed that even then my comments weren’t showing up.

So whats the deal? 

I need answers.


For example; I’m on Rossy’s page everyday and I comment on all her posts. But today I was on it and commented and it didn’t show up. Rossy if you read this, let me know if it came up on your most recent Project Pan Week 9 Post (maybe you have to approve it? But I know it usually always just shows up) but it’s definitely not there when I go look for it.

Also Ingrid I may have left like 2-3 on yours thinking it never even posted… Let me know!

It’s happening on several random pages that I follow. Some are fine.


I went back to my last post  “Outfits” and I was responding back to my comments until I got half way down and my responses decided not to show up after I posted it.



With that said

Do not think I’m neglecting your comments or your posts because I’m not. It’s totally making me anxious because I love showing support and love on everyone’s blog that I follow. But something is totally malfunctioning.


I’m going on a mini itty bitty hiatus aka I most likely will not be posting Monday or Tuesday of next week (I’m going to be busy training for something in regards to work!) Which probably isn’t a big deal for most of you anyways because I know ya’ll have lives too 🙂


Okay that’s all!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

xo, JJ


24 thoughts on “SOMEONE HELP

  1. stashy says:

    This has totally happened to me. You can contact the WP peeps and tell them you’re in spam-hell and they will work their magic. But yes, everyone needs to go into their spam box and approve those comments.

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    • xoJenny says:

      ugh that’s suchhhh a bummer and totally inconvenient… but I’ll be sure to contact them- I don’t want to be in spam hell lmao (I love that you called it that) thanks girl, for the feedback!


  2. ayrgalaxy says:

    Hmm that’s weird. I didn’t get any comment from you on my latest post. I’ll look through my spam folder when I get on my laptop.
    But the only time I seem to have that problem of posting on other people’s posts and not showing up, is when I’m using the WP app to comment on blogs who have self-hosted. Lol.
    Definitely contact WP

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    • xoJenny says:

      Ah total bummer, I feel like I posted it like 5 times on your page too lmao but I’ll definitely get it sorted out. I haven’t been on here since I posted this so fingers crossed that it was just a minor malfunction on Friday lol Thanks for letting me know!

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  3. beautybyadutchgirl says:

    Oh that’s really weird. I’ve got all your comments, but I haven’t watched on the actual post if they’re showing up. I also saw your replies to my comments on your blog. I haven’t noticed anything strange yet, but I totally understand that it’s annoying. I hope you’ll get your answers soon! xo ♥

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  4. llindaxxo says:

    I don’t think it’s happening to me….I agree with STASHY. If you are experiencing issues, contact WordPress and ask them for help. I had issues with my blog yesterday and I did live chat support which ended up fixing my issues.

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  5. Allie Zottola says:

    Hmm, I’m not sure what’s going on! I think that has happened to me before, but I cannot remember how it was fixed?! I think your best bet is to talk to the WordPress people!

    Enjoy your mini break and work training! Can’t wait to hear about it!

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    • xoJenny says:

      Ughhhh that’s so annoying. But slightly relieved that it’s happened to others before. I was worried my blog was defective lol If it continues I’ll def be in contact with wordpress.

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    • xoJenny says:

      Ah so helpful Alifya!!!! Thanks for the suggestion. I haven’t been on here since I posted this so I’m going to do a quick test and if it still continues I’ll contact them for sure!!! xoxox

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