Weekend Recap

Hey, Hi, Hello friends!

As “ugh” as I feel that today is Monday, Andrew are I are semi okay with it because we’re just counting down the Monday’s till we leave. So after today we have 3 more (ugh) but BRING IT ON!

This past weekend ended up being way more jam packed with things to do than expected. But luckily, Mother Nature decided to bless us with some pretty nice weather after seeing rain clouds on the weather app all week.


Friday’s are a hit or miss. Sometimes Andrew and I are wide awake and ready to take on an ‘after work adventure‘  whereas some Friday nights we just want to plop on the bed and chill. This one was a plop on the bed and chill kind of night. But we did order sushi 🙂1


Andrew’s sister in law, Evelyn, and I conjured up an idea to surprise Andrew’s mom (Mimi) with her very own Mother’s Day celebration. In advanced we planned a cake, flowers, balloons, dinner, and a movie night for her.

Oh! And before we get to the celebrating part, I was thrilled because Evelyn invited me to her salon to get a pedicure! I was coruscant with excitement  because I was dying to get one anyways before Calif. Hand’s down one of the nicest, cleanest, well-mannered salons I’ve been to. (And for reference it’s called Style Salon so my East Coast USA people, if you’re ever in the New Hampshire: Nashua, Amherst, Merrimack area I highly suggest going).

Okay commence Pre-Mother’s Day celebration! This I’ll just show you in pictures 🙂2Mimi, the two littles, and Brownie! How awesome is that balloon we got her, it was huge and pink and me and Ev we’re like yupp, that’s the one! We also ordered a German Chocolate Cake, which for coconut-kind of things I actually liked it!

These two girls are the life of the party always.

The cutest Sara and Sophia! Love them they’re so sweet.

Speaking of sweet…

My love and our favorite nephew 😉 Or as Andrew refers to him “Brownie the dog”

And we weren’t sure if we we’re going to see them the weekend of Mother’s Day so we got Evelyn her balloons and wine! How cool is the ice cream cone balloon (can you tell we love balloons?!?) I saw it and immediately was like I need to get that for her and the girls!

At the end of the night we watched Moana, I had never seen it and was so glad that I finally had to chance to watch it. I swear, Disney movies just never ever get old no matter how old you are.


Sunday funday was filled with fun stuff. I woke up early and decided to head down to my hometown early to surprise Britt!!!

After I let her know I was on my way, this is what she plans for us when I go visit lmao #runningerrands like the good ol days.11

Coffee for the bestie
12And don’t worry guys, we did in fact go to the grocery store.

Shortly after I went to go meet Bethany +fam and Renee for Bethany’s belated bday lunch!13


SO in love with Payton, how stinkin cute is she?!?!

After our lunch I met back up with Britt because we obviously needed to squeeze in a Target trip before I headed back home.15It was one of those days that we were full on ready to shop and of course, there was nothing we liked.

BUT what’s a Target trip without a photo shoot in the parking lot?!?

My only advice to you is get a best friend that will take as many tries with you to get the perfect photo….or boomerang.

ALSO- shout out to Teresa (Britt’s mom) who helped us take what seemed like 100 boomerang shots haha

As soon as I got back, Andrew was in the mood to go frolic and get some food. Upon Andrew’s request were looking for a “cas but dece‘ place (casual but decent) and he wanted to cruise a little so we headed to Somerville for some seafood at Legals by the Mystic aka a Legal Seafoods.

I was in heaven with these oysters 22

We enjoyed our meal, walked around the Mystic, grabbed some coffee and dessert and finally headed back home.23

Another weekend that’s come and gone! Can’t wait for the next one…is it Friday yet?!

xo, JJ


42 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. RomanAndJesci says:

    How nice you guys celebrated Mother’s Day earlier and made it even more special! And oh my gosh how fun you’re going to California!! Can’t wait to read the posts!! 🙂 As always all the food looked yummy and loved all the selfies especially the mini photoshoot in the parking lot lol! Glad you allll are doing well!!!


    Liked by 1 person

    • xoJenny says:

      Girl where have you been!!!! I miss seeing ya on here! The whole Mother’s Day planning worked out so well, she was so happy 🙂 And OMG the anticipation for Cali if killing me! I haven’t gone in soooo long and now I’m super excited to go back! Where in Cali did you live?! xo


  2. 50shad3s0fjay says:

    Haha always living for the weekend right! 3 more Mondays to go yayyyy they’ll fly by. Sometimes a chill night in is the best night in, eating food, chilling out and watching tv. In fact sometimes they are definitely my favourite. How cute that you surprised Andrews mum with a pre mothers day celebration, so thoughtful I bet she was so grateful. And love that ice cream cone balloon!! Yes! You and Britt are best friend goals, loving the Target photo shoot. The best type of friends are definitely the ones who make grocery shopping and Target trips seem like the most fun adventures in the world. Glad you had a great weekend Jenny 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • xoJenny says:

      The ice cream balloon was definitely top favorite things from the weekend lol I only wish that it was real 😉 Although I can’t even imagine holding ice cream that big. But yes Andrew’s mom was so surprised so mission accomplished! And Britt’s awesome, love her to death- but you have amazing friends that take awesome selfies with you too so we’re both winning 🙂 ❤


      • 50shad3s0fjay says:

        Haha its amazing, omg imagine how good that would be! Have you ever had Baskin Robbins ice cream? I swear their portion sizes may be pretty much the same as that balloon… Aw perfect, glad she loved it!! That’s so cute, you guys seem like the best of friends. We definitely are, very blessed with our friends 🙂 x

        Liked by 1 person

  3. lifeofangela says:

    Another fun weekend! I love that you spent it hanging out with family and friends, that’s what the weekends are for right? 🙂 Also, yay for watching Moana! I still listen to the soundtrack at work.
    And hey, three more Mondays is not that long. Soon it’ll be June and you guys will be on your splendid little holiday! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • xoJenny says:

      Omg Moana was so good! I loved the Hawaii theme and the singing was so amazing! Just such a good movie. And YESSS family and friends on the weekend are my favorite. It stinks though because time really does fly when you’re having fun! Before I knew it, I was back to waking up for work lol

      Liked by 1 person

  4. koriahweb says:

    Wow, sounds like so much fun! I am actually really happy this Monday cause I got a few more followers!!!!! The oysters looked incredible! Also, that ice cream balloon is totally awesome! I, as always, can’t wait for Friday! Your posts are always so entertaining! lol I am having writer’s block…ugh!!!
    xoxo Koriah


  5. ayrgalaxy says:

    That’s so sweet of you guys to surprise his momma for mothers day. I still don’t know what I’m gonna give my mom 😣 she’s so fat away I may end up finding an edible arrangement near her and tell my brother to pitch in. I just hope she’s not working during the weekend.
    Anyway, nice to have a friend to take photos over and over. I have to teach Alex how to take pictures and teach him about angles so I can expand my blog into fashion lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • xoJenny says:

      LOL I had no idea what to get my mom for Mother’s Day and was thinking of doing the same thing with the edible arrangement…and my sister was like, “what thats it” so I finally gave in and asked my mom what she wanted and her reply, “A rice dispenser” lmao #AsianMoms And I’ve STILL trying to teach Andrew how to work the angles it’s a working progress lol so in the meantime its mirror selfies and self timers for me hahah

      Liked by 1 person

      • ayrgalaxy says:

        Lol I unfortunately can’t do much for my mom but I did send her a card and wrote a little something something in it lol.
        Ahh yes…I tried to do a mini photoshoot yesterday, but my son wouldn’t let us so my OOTD went to waste! 😭 lol

        Liked by 1 person

  6. ayrgalaxy says:

    Oh I forgot about the oysters part, I’ve never had them in my life and I honestly refuse to try them because they look so slimy and ew lol. I do at least wanna try them at least once because you never know lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Lex says:

    The sushi and seafood look delicious! You guys picked great balloons and it’s so fun that you got to surprise your family and friends a little =) Love the Target photo shoot, haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    • xoJenny says:

      I’ve become so obsessed with balloons lol I never receive them but giving them away to people to see their reaction is so worth it! And thank youuu…..it was hard work trying to get some good snaps hahah xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

    • xoJenny says:

      LOL right!!! Best friends like that are so necessary. She understands my crazy obsessive perfectionist picture taking ordeal and puts up with it…..maybe because she’s just the same 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  8. beautybyadutchgirl says:

    That is so cute that you suprised Andrew’s mom! I really really liked that balloon you got her, and that ice cream balloon is super cute too! Love the ‘eating/licking’ pictures lol!! Is target like a big thing overthere? I just thought it was like a cheap shop where only moms go to to get some cheap stuff (not meant in a bad way) but is it really a great store? Just 2 more (tough) days until Friday girl!! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • xoJenny says:

      Lol I love your description of Target, I laughed out loud about that. I’m not gonna lie mom’s do love Target but so does every girl here. It’s really the best place, it just has everything and anything you could think of. It’s definitely very popular. And most of them have Starbucks in them which is also a huge plus! Idk if you ever heard of Walmart (sort of more well known) but it’s like a Walmart but 100x better!!! Ah you need to come to the US so you can venture into a Target 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • beautybyadutchgirl says:

        Lol, haha. There are some mom-shops in here too and I thought Target was something similar :’). So cool that you can find starbucks in there. I think the shops must be very busy then, if starbucks wants to be a part of it. I’ve also heard of Walmart but I’m not super familiar with it. When I come to the US, I will definitely check those stores out, lol!!!

        Liked by 1 person

  9. Allie Zottola says:

    What a sweet Mother’s Day celebration for Andrew’s mom! And yay for pedicures. You totally have me craving sushi now. I’ve been wanting it for the past few days, and now I really need to go get some!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • xoJenny says:

      My sushi cravings just never ever go away its nuts lol Go get yourself some girlie! Does Jimmy like sushi? And I was so happy about the pedi- except they’re so bittersweet to me because my feet are unbearably ticklish buttttt they def look fab afterwards! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • xoJenny says:

        He does!!! But he goes through phases where he craves it all the time and then over eats it and gets sick of it lol But right now he’s on his sushi craving so I’m milking it as much as possible haha


  10. K.M. Sutton says:

    Eeeeekkk So excited for you! The countdown is ON!
    Also that sushi looks AH-may-zing!
    What a sweet celebration! I loved your pics and I agree! You are never to old for Disney!
    And I adored your Target photoshoot! Seriously best friends like that are the best! I hope you are having a great week and have a great weekend! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Mackenzie says:

    Finally have five seconds to breathe. And uhhhhh you are within like a 30 mile radius of me right now. WHAT. I wish I didn’t work this weekend- UGH. I was going through withdrawal from your blog- AND HELLO- THAT SUSHI. Seriously, that may be some of the best looking sushi I have ever seen. Holy maloly. What a stinking cute Mother’s Day! I love it! And that ice cream balloon is so cute too. This is so ironic that you mentioned Moana- I listened to a podcast today that convinced me I need to watch it so you saying that is double confirmation that it is a “must see”!

    Liked by 1 person

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