Packing For A Vacation

Hello Hump Day!

Today I’m sharing how to pack for a long(er) vacation. Now I must mention the longest trip I went on was 2 weeks to Hawaii twice and this upcoming Calif trip is about 12 days long. So when I say “longer” vacation think approx 2 weeks 😉

Okay so a few notes:

1. There is no right way or wrong way to pack, this is just my way

2. What you pack is always going to depend on where you’re going.

3. With that said, this is just a general overview of tips and points


My ultimate goal when traveling is to have the LEAST amount of luggage possible. So for shorter trips I solely bring a carry on whereas for my longer trips 1 suitcase and 1 carry on.

1. If you’re traveling with someone


(This actually worked really well for Lauren and I for our Disney World trip. We shared her giant suitcase and it was perfect with extra room leftover!)2

If anything get a larger size but it seriously helps when you have to lug it around and less baggage fees 😉

Now I know its harder when you’re packing winter clothes which are more bulky but in any other event, if you can, 1 is always best.

2. Pack An Outfit For Everyday

I’m the type where I tend to over pack outfits because I have the fear of “what if I don’t like this outfit when I get there” It’s a very real and valid feeling.

Regardless, I’ll make sure to pack 1 outfit for every day that I’m away (example: for Calif, I’ll pack 12 outfits)

So because I’m 100% a dress/romper kind of girl it’s pretty much like bringing one item opposed to a top AND bottom so it saves a lot of room.

For those of you who do love bottoms this is what I would suggest: Bring bottoms that are versatile (colors are important); jeans, black, or white work well. That way you can pack 2-3 and just re-wear them. And then you have more room for a variety of tops which are typically easier to pack.

But no matter what, make sure you have an outfit for every day.

Andrew would abide by the bottoms rule (he’s of course is much more low maintenance); he has his favorite pair of jeans that match with all his tops and then 2-3 shorts that he loves. And then just pack a variety of tops. Done and done.

3. Bathing Suits/Bras, Underwear, and Socks

If I know I’m doing a beach trip I will narrow bathing suits down to 2-3 options. I tend to bring 2 bottoms (they’re usually both black) and then 2-3 different tops to mix and match with.

Bras I tend to wear one (of course) bring one (a different strap style) and a strapless. So inevitably packing 2.

Underwear– Enough for all the days you’re there and then always an extra 3 because you never know

Socks– varies pending on shoes and travel destination.

4. Shoes

Again, varies depending where you go. Use your own digression but nothing more than having 3 total pairs with you.

For Calif- I plan on wearing to the airport my cute sandals then packing flip flops and one pair of cute shoes. 3 total pairs.

5. Mini Bags and Pouches Are Everything


This all varies as well. However, any toiletries I always just try to condense into a pouch of some sort. It definitely helps keep everything organized and clean in case there are any leaks!

I’m also super particular that I will make sure to pack enough shampoo/conditioner/body wash where I don’t have to take anything back home with me.

In a nutshell these are my greatest tips and advice for packing. I know so much more goes into packing, especially for us ladies…. hair products and tools too, etc…. At that point just shove it all in there 😉 Don’t forget carry on’s are great too because any excess can be put in there as well!

Till next time!

xo, JJ


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  1. I compleeeetely agree with the 1 suitcase tip! My boyfriend and I do this when we take trips and it’s so much easier! We also always bring one of those little drawstring backpacks which are very light to carry and perfect for putting bottles of water or phones if you’re hiking or doing a lot of walking around :)) I need to get some little pouches though, bc that seems like it would help me stay way more organized lol

    Liked by 2 people

    1. xoJenny says:

      Right I love the 1 suitcase idea, mostly because I can more often then not make Andrew lug it around 😉 but definitely good for baggage fee purposes too! And yes those drawstring bags are perfect size. I typically bring like a small backpack or something similar and just shove in a few necessities. The lighter the better always! 🙂

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  2. koraihweb says:

    Great tips! I do basically the same things as you do! I will definitely use this guide when I go to Spain!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. xoJenny says:

      Nice!!! I love when other people already do the same thing because it makes me feel like I’m doing something right haha. How long is your vacation to Spain??

      Liked by 1 person

      1. koraihweb says:

        It is two weeks! Yes, I get what you mean about other people doing it already!!!

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  3. jmoede5 says:

    I never thought of one suitcase before. Great idea for my husband and my son! Thanks for the tip!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. xoJenny says:

      Absolutely!!! I think it’s definitely great letting your child share, especially depending on the age sometimes you have to end up lugging their stuff around too so why not condense into one! xoxo

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  4. Packing is so much effort seriously!!!! Definitely not my favourite thing about travelling… and there’s always that fear I’ve forgotten something whenever I leave for the airport, especially ‘did I pack my makeup!!?’. But these are great tips, you are so correct – mini bags are everything, especially cute lil’ Ted Baker ones. You have skills for managing to share a suitcase though Jenny, I don’t know how you managed that lol. Also you went to Hawaii?? Lucky!! X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. xoJenny says:

      Oh I know, packing is soooo bittersweet! Like it’s exciting because you’re going away somewhere but the pressure to make sure you have everything is overwhelming sometimes lol Don’t even get me started on unpacking! That’s even worse haha Luckily Andrew doesn’t have much stuff to bring with him so it leaves me with like 3/4 of the suitcase for myself 😉 Otherwise I’d probably have to get my own. And yess Hawaii was amazing, granted it was like 6 or so years ago. Andrew and I are making it a goal to go since he’s never been! xoxo


  5. Okay really, explain me what Hump Day means. I see so many (English/US) bloggers use it and I’m still not sure what everyone means with it!! So thank you for the great tips. I’m already sure I won’t use the tip ‘share a suitcase’ because I always pack to much, no matter what! I think that outfit thing is a great tip! I always put outfits together for vacation and I don’t pack my tops first and than my pants/skirts. I always put them together as an outfit and then I put it in my suitcase! I always use these cotton bags for my stuff. For example I pack my underwear in it, my socks in another, my swimsuits in another. ( I hope you get what I mean) I always love packing for holidays, it just gives such a great feeling! Have you already packed everything or is that too early, haha? xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. xoJenny says:

      Aw okay well, “Hump Day” is basically referring to the middle of a work week (Wednesday’s); like getting over the hill or “hump” to get through a tough week 🙂 And I used to be the same way I could barely even fit all my stuff into one suitcase as is! But we have a pretty big one andddd he barely has anything to pack sooo majority of it is my stuff 😉 But it really depends on where were going and what time of year because if it was winter clothes, forget about it! But right the pouches or bags are so handy I also love having them to separate my dirty clothes from my clean ones. I love packing too it just gets me super pumped but at the same time I get frantic that I’m forgetting something lol Not packed yet…end of next week, I’m so anxious though!!!! ❤ xoxo

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      1. Ah okay!! So you actually use ‘hump day’ only at Wednesdays? Yes, when I go back I use the pouches for my dirty clothes too! That’s the whole point of my system, haha! Ahh, I hope you will make lots of pictures/snapchats/blogposts about your adventures!!! xo

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      2. xoJenny says:

        Yeah hump day is strictly for Wednesday’s but hey now you know and can use the term on the next Wednesday 😉

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      3. I wil do that, haha!


  6. Thanks for the tips! I am going to try to share a suitcase with my hubby for our trip to Hawaii this summer….we’ll see how it goes… its just too expensive nowadays to pay for multiple luggages on a flight!!

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    1. xoJenny says:

      Girl, I AM SOOOOO jelly you’re heading to Hawaii!!! Is this the first time? Where about are you guys going? It’s amazing and I want nothing more than to go back!!!! You’ll probably be packing pretty light with bathing suits and summer dresses so you should be good 😉


  7. ayrgalaxy says:

    Pack an outfit for everyday. That’s a good rule if they’re one piece lol. When I packed for my two week stay in Utah last year, I packed like 8 bottoms with a bunch of tops so I can mix and match. It worked out quite well for me. I didn’t really wear an outfit twice at all 🙂
    Also when I went, I literally took all my makeup that I used often and all my skincare products. Lol.
    I’ll have to take your tips for next time I go on a long vacation haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. xoJenny says:

      Yeah exactly it only efficiently works if its like a dress or romper lol but your method with the different pants and tops is perfect! Re-wear the pants and just switch up the tops! I gotta ask, how many eye shadow pallets at the time was it? 😉 I envision you having bags upon bags of make-up! But honestly you just never know what you might need or want to have with you, gotta bring it all! I was trying to think of the bare essential make up and skin care needs but as I was going through it in my head I’m like what the heck, I just need to take everything lol better safe than sorry or having to buy it while you’re out there, right?! xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ayrgalaxy says:

        Yeah 🙂 I took three of my palettes, two big ones and one small. I did use them though because I was doing weekly looks at the time 🙂 lol. My mom thought I was a little crazy with colorful eyeshadow but liked my makeup lol. But yeah, the more I take the less I’ll need to buy lol.

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  8. K.M. Sutton says:

    Girl we are the same person! I LOVE pouches! They make everything so organized! Plus I always bring a dust bag for my dirty clothes. I also always have to bring sneakers and workout clothes. And confession time, because I am a minimalist, I try to pack only one set and just re-wear 😮 Peee`youuu ;p ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. xoJenny says:

      I think YOU need to make posts like this! You travel oh so often, you probably have some sort of algorithm and got it all down to a science at this point 🙂 I could use some tips!!!! ❤


  9. apageofme02 says:

    I love this! mini bags and pouches are 100% the way forward in life! I have about 3 in my handbag!! xxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. xoJenny says:

      RIGHT! Me too lol I have so many little bags (mostly make up bags) but theyre so handy dandy for all of lifes little essentials!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. I don’t know if those pink suitcases are yours, but I need them in my life… Like… NOW!! Soooo pwetty!! If there’s one thing I’ll never ever ever do, that is sharing my suitcase!! Ever!!! I don’t share muh space! I go on the trip with little, leaving loooooot’s of room to go back with a filled suitcase!! I need to visit Singapore again soon!! Yes, those pouches are life!!! That’s also how I try to stay organized… xoxo Sarah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. xoJenny says:

      Their not mine (a pinterest find, of course) but I want that set soooo bad too. Thats so true though, if I know I need to come back with gifts or know that I’ll be shopping I’ll make sure to pack my own andddd leave space for more stuff to come back with me lol More often than not I only want to share so that I don’t have to stroll mine around with me lmao….”Thanks Andrew, you got this right?!” hahah 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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