Thoughts And Whatnots: Gold vs Silver

Hello friends!

Today I bring to you another Thoughts And Whatnots post. I love doing these because it’s my fun little way of being interactive with all of you and I just like getting to know my readers preferences and likes!

The topic is (if you couldn’t tell by the title)



Yes ladies (and gents) we are talking about jewelry!









BRITT (Britt’sDailyDose): “Gold. But I wear all 3 and mix metals at the same time but if I had to choose one probably gold. One wrist is silver, one wrist is rose, and my necklace is gold.”

If you can’t tell this girl LOVES her jewelry πŸ˜‰

ME: “I’m for sure 100% GOLD! However, growing up, I was always all about the silver. In fact, I was only able to wear real gold earrings at one point and refused to wear earrings at all because I disliked gold that much. Inevitably my taste changed and now I love all gold everything. Don’t get me wrong; rose or silver- I’ll still wear it!”

If you couldn’t tell, I LOVE my jewelry too! πŸ˜‰

I didn’t ask ANDREW but considering all his watches are silver, he’s totally a silver kind of guy.

Are you a GOLD or SILVER?


Maybe neither? And you’re more of aΒ 





Maybe you’re just not a jewelry wearer at all?Β 



Subscription Boxes

Coffee VS Tea

Dress or Pants

Ponytail VS Bun

xo, JJ


23 thoughts on “Thoughts And Whatnots: Gold vs Silver

  1. 50shad3s0fjay says:

    Haha I can just imagine you refusing to wear earrings cause they weren’t silver, how funny! I love all three, it depends what it is/ where its from. Rings I like to be silver but earrings I like to be gold, my watch is a mix of gold and silver but predominantly gold which I love. I think I’d be a gold kinda girl if I had to choose! X

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  2. K.M. Sutton says:

    Girrrlll we are one and the same! I use to be only silver and none at all also as a kid. Now I am probably more gold, but I defintely love to mix metals. I love the contrasts between silver, gold and even rose gold. It is so funny because my Mom use to be so old school(don’t mix metals) so she was scandalized when I would wear gold and silver together. Now she has come over to the Good side🀣
    Also this post totally reminded me of the William Devane commercial “Buy gold now” 🀣🀣🀣

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  3. tiallarising says:

    I definitely prefer silver over gold. Or at least, yellow gold. I love white gold! I’m just not a fan of the yellow, lol. My husband and I are the same in this, though, so that makes it easy! πŸ˜‰

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  4. Anne | Beautybyadutchgirl says:

    Oh I love silver. All my earrings are silver!! I have a pink+rose gold watch and it’s the only one I wear and I wear it 24/7, so I also love that. Gold isn’t really my thing. In my opinion, it can look really cheap. That’s only on me, because I don’t have some real gold stuff. I actually buy almost all my jewelry at primark and I just like their silver (and rose golden) stuff more. But I can definitely understand that some people like gold more! xo

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  5. thefloridiangirl says:

    I love yellow gold but not on myself. Growing up it’s what I wore. I’m a white gold gal. I can’t wear silver im too sensitive to it. Rose gold I’m iffy on. I have a watch in it but I don’t wear anything else in that.

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  6. ayrgalaxy says:

    I used to be so into jewelry! I still have a lot of it but I don’t wear it as much because my son likes to pull on everything and I’d be broken hearted is something snapped lol. I am trying to get back into jewelry, they can make am outfit pop sometimes lol.
    Anywau, growing up my mom always made me wear gold everything, but real gold. Whenever I would wear fake gold I would get a rash and also the quality of the jewelry would leave a weird green-ish mark where it sat on my skin.
    And I learned about a year or two ago that because I have warm undertones, gold jewelry looks better on me. I do like Silver but it’s not me I feel. Maybe I got used to wearing so much gold, so that’s my go-to. I really love the rose gold as well, I think it’s gorgeous! One of the necklace sets I got from Charlotte Russe is rose gold and I love it!

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