Whats Up Wednesday

Happy Hump Day Friends!

Okay so silly me, I learned today that WordPress is definitely not on the same time zone as I am. Initially, I had set this post to be pre-scheduled for today at 11:00AM aka I hadn’t even written it yet- but by the time I came on here to start writing it, say like 9:00AM, it was already posted with nothing on it. LOL. Very laughable.

So here is the real thing! Today I’m linking up with Shay for Whats Up Wednesday!


What I’m Eating

Sugar Free Outshine Popsicles. Andrew got me hooked on these and I swear, we literally HAVE TO keep at least 3 boxes in our freezer at all times- that’s how fast we go through them.1.JPG

But of course we’re eating real food with subsistence too. Salmon, sushi, meatless sausage, salad…just to name a few things.

What I’m Reminiscing

Oh gosh, how about- ALL OF SUMMER!! It’s nearly over, how the heck did that even happen?

What I’ve Been Loving

My sunflowers on my desk at work. I cannot and will not stop looking over at them!2

What I’ve Been Up To

This mani loving girl finally went and got a mani and pedi yesterday! I was dying to get them done and it was a success! Funny thing is, I think I chose the same exact color when I got them done in CA. 2

What I’m Dreading

Just recently, the weather has been on the chillier side which has only been a reminder that fall is right around the corner. Don’t get me wrong I love the fall but the cold weather that comes with it, I can do without.

What I’m Working On

Oh you know just trying to figure out where Andrew and I want to live in our very very near future 🙂  Where should we live? Suggestions?1

What I’m Excited About

Andrew and I are JETSETTING for this long weekend.2We leave bright and early tomorrow, which is so relieving because today is my Friyay!!

What I’m Watching/Reading

I have been hooked on3For the longest time ever, I absolutely REFUSED to watch this show- I convinced myself that I just didn’t like it (granted I had never seen an episode). Andrew would put it on and I would get annoyed and occupy myself with Youtube. Until one day I actually watched it, like really watched it and suddenly I wanted to watch another and another anddd you get the point. HOOKED!

On deck: GAME OF THRONES! I need to know what the hype is all about.

What I’m Listening To

The devastating news about Houston, TX. I just can’t believe how hard they were hit with Hurricane Harvey. My heart goes out to everyone that’s been effected by the tragedy. If you go over to SHAY’s blog: HELP FOR HOUSTON, she actually has several different ways to contribute and help out.

What I’m Wearing

Two of my FAVORITE items have been

1. This Jumper. 5

2. These Palazzo Pants3I think my new obsession is for sure palazzo pants, which explains why I love the jumper so much too. Pants version of a maxi.

What I’m Doing This Weekend

HOPEFULLY I’ll be seeing a lot of this-30

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month


What Else Is New

Since I’ll be jet setting, I’ll be away from my blog and all my bloggers till next week. But per usual-

If you want to follow along on the vacation add me on

Snapchat: Jennyxox

Instagram: JennyJo.xo

Twitter: LovexJenn

Have a great rest of the week and weekend!!

xo, JJ


9 Comments Add yours

  1. ayrgalaxy says:

    It’s getting chilly over here as well. Summer is definitely over and that makes me really sad lol. I won’t see the sun for months so I will definitely try to make the best from this long and hopefully hot weekend.
    And how funny, Alex and I have been discussing where we want to live (like get our own house) lately. We don’t plan on moving out of state but I find it funny that we’re kind of doing the same thing lol. Been looking into houses and their prices. The house of my dreams costs 1 million so I’ll have to settle for something else lmao.
    I want to donate to Texas but I’m flat broke at the moment. I have to wait until Friday.
    So great that you’re traveling again can’t wait to see your posts!!!


  2. Game of Thrones unwatched! Boy you have a whole lot of fun, gore and addiction coming your way 😉


  3. I love both of those outfits, especially the pants! I’ve always heard of Its always sunny in Philadelphia but never been interested in watching it, buuut I may have to now you’ve reccommended it. The hurricane in Texas is just awful, I’ll definitely be checking Shays blog out to see if there’s anyway I can help from over here in the UK! Have an amazing vacation Jenny! Xx


  4. I love that nail color. What is it? And I cannot deal with the fact that summer is slipping away.


  5. I’m so excited that you’re back in Florida!! I’m so jealous!!! And I honestly am beyond stoked for pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! I can’t wait to break out all my fall decor and candles! have a fantastic trip girlie!!


  6. K.M. Sutton says:

    I LOVE Outshine pops! The Strawberry is my fav! Gurlll I hear you about the weather. Not happy it is getting cold! And I think new York or Maine is really calling your name….Just saying’ ;p I LOVE those palazzo pants! And you look like a super model in them! Anytime I attempt to wear patterned pants of any kind, I look like the off spring of a baby giraffe and a polar bear.
    Uhhhh I can not wait to read your recap about Florida. I am LOVING all your pics though! ❤


  7. Can’t wait to hear about your travels! You should come to Pittsburgh some time 🙂

    Also, I am dreading the cold weather, too! So not ready for it!

    Love your nails. I really need to paint mine!


  8. This little series thingy you do sometimes is just so fun to read. It literally gives a little look in your personal life and your personal favorites! I really really like that jumper you were wearing and the palazzo pants. Those prints are literally so so cute!! And those popsicles (I had to copy + paste that word lol) look too delicious, I’m instantly getting water in my mouth! Really liked this post and I hope you & Andrew had a lot of fun this weekend! xo


  9. Mackenzie says:

    OH my goodness, I forgot about Outshine Popscicles! I had them in college but for some reason haven’t grabbed them in a while, but now am craving them! What’s your favorite flavor? I think there’s a coconut one I used to be obsessed with! Those sunnies are gorg. Have to soak up that last dose of summer ❤ OH MY GOODNESSSSS- Game of Thrones is actually my favorite of all time. Let me know what you think! And girll that jumper is goals. Loooove!!! XO

    Liked by 1 person

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