Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!!


I am over the top excited that it’s Friday. Even for a short week, it felt like a normal 5 day week so I’m swoon by the thought of sleeping in tomorrow and I cannot wait. Anyone else??

Today I’m sharing my Friday Favorites with ya’ll so lets get to it.


We’ve definitely transitioned to Fall weather over here on the East Coast. As much as I do love the cool mid 70’s temperature, I can’t deny that I love my 80’s weather a little teeny tiny bit more. Fingers crossed for a few sporadic days with higher temps!

But with that said, it’s about time for this….4

I’m a little excited because this gal loves her leggings!


Fall Nail Polish colors! Of all the color tones for each season, fall is for sure my favorite!!! I love reds, greens, navy blues, browns….bring it on! Started September with this olive green.3


On Wednesday, my favorite girlie in the entire world came up to meet me for dinner. The one and only BRITT ❤ 1

We tried a new placed nearby called Ponzu which was a mix of Japanese and Korean cuisine. We tried two of their Korean dishes and ya’ll they were pretty darn authentic! I was actually really impressed with this soup dish we got, it tasted just like how my mom would make it.

And to cure our sweet tooth craving we made our way to a homemade ice cream shop. Can we just take a minute and admire the rainbow sprinkles. Sprinkles are me and Britt’s favorite!!! 2


I’m sorry ya’ll but I cannot stop thinking about the Giraffes. It was just flat out magical.


If you haven’t read about me and Andrew’s trip to Sarasota just go HERE and HERE.

 Speaking of Florida- to my Floridan readers and writers please please stay safe!!!! Praying for you all ❤


My Pandora Bracelet!6

Alright so I’m semi late to the game here. I’ve had a Pandora Bracelet for years now like back in my college days but I never really wore it and barely added charms to it. But recently I had my eye on the silver bangle with rose gold clasp– so Andrew, my love got me one for my birthday. And I’ve been loving the rose gold charms he added on there. I’ve super zealous and want it entirely filled now but I know it’s something you build over time. Or at least that’s what Andrew keeps reminding me of ha. But I am loving mine!

And that about does it for Friday Favorites! Have a fabulous weekend my friends<3

xo, JJ


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  1. that ice cream looks delicious & the olive green nail polish is amazing 🙌🏻

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  2. Nicole says:

    I rarely paint my nails these days, just because my kiddos keep me sooooo busy! But now I REALLY want to buy some fall colors. Ha, ha! Maybe I’ll have the hubby watch my babies for me one night over the weekend, so that I can give myself a pedicure!

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  3. I love the Olive Green nails, the colour is gorgeous!!

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  4. uncoindepaix says:

    That nail polish is AMAZING! And I love giraffes, they’re such cool animals! xx

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  5. llindaxxo says:

    YESSS I love the Fall and I love high 60s-mid 70s weather. It’s seriously my fave! I live in leggings and sweaters during the fall/winter! As for nail colors, I seriously just wear vampy reds all season, lol.
    That Pandora bracelet is so cute! How nice of Andrew to get that for you! He’s great and y’all are just so cute together >_<

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  6. Oh I’m so excited for fall!! Cant wait for it get chilly and crispy! Btw I love your new blog layout!

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  7. I love my pandora. I have a pink rope one! You can only add 7 charms to it though- my most recent charm is a camera with a crystal for the lens! I love your music note.

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  8. K.M. Sutton says:

    Yay a Friday Favorites! I missed thee from you! 🙂
    And I have gone into ace-woman mode you will see me come out of it when I either A go to some tropical locale or B it is Summer in Spring again ;p
    And I love that! I love my leggings!
    I LOVE that color!
    Awe I LOVE that you girls got to hang out! And my lanta that ice cream looks ah-may-zing!
    And that giraffe is so darn cute!
    And Andrew did good! Brownie points for your man that bracelet is stunning!
    I hope you have an amazing weekend beauty! ❤

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  9. OMG #1 is so my life!!! HAHA!

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  10. heartsinink says:

    Love Love Love

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  11. That Ice-Cream though!! Craving it so bad hahah

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  12. Those ice creams, Jenny, you’re making me hungry!! I really love the Asian cuisine, I mean sushi!!, but I haven’t tried Korean food yet. It’s not a big thing overhere. We only have Chinese and Japanese here, and sometimes Indian!! Autum colors are definitely the best, I really like that green color on your nails. I can’t wait to polish my nails as well! I love your bracelet, I got one too but haven’t worn it in years. Maybe I should get some nicer charms, so I will wear it! xoxo

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  13. ughmango says:

    I am so ready for fall nail polishes too! Right now I have dark red on and I am loving it!! xx

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  14. ayrgalaxy says:

    We’re getting cooler weather over here as well. I’m sad summer is ending but I know it’s for the best lol. Gotta learn to let go and enjoy what the new season has to bring lol.
    And olive is actually a good color for people with our skin tone! It naturally goes with you lol. I would LOOOOOVE to buy some olive tops for the season, I wonder where I could find some that I will like LOL
    I absolutely loved the giraffe pictures in your other post! So cute and lucky that you got to feed them and see them up close!!
    I haven’t worn jewelry in a very very long time and would like to start doing so lol. I think autumn should be the season where I do that lol

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  15. A- says:

    Currently doing my best to grow out my nails so I can buy ALL the beautiful fall nail polish colors. And I am going to start with that amazing olive green. Love it!


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  16. Mackenzie says:

    PANDORA 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 that bracelet is gorgeous. Also that nail polish is beautiful- what brand do you use or what is your favorite brand?!?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. xoJenny says:

      So it really depends, when I go to the nail salon its usually OPI since that’s what they have (that color above I believe is in their new fall line) its so pretty a true olive green! But my fave is essie (which is semi cringeworthy with how much they are) but when/if I do decide to give in a buy one, I’m always satisfied with the color. I love their color tones!

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Mackenzie says:

    Oh and ps. Leggings > jeans annnnnyday!!!!!

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