Fall Bucket List 2017

Hi Friends! It’s Friday Jr. and I could not be more thrilled. 1 MORE DAY. We can do it!

As of late, I’ve been reading so many Fall Bucket List posts written by some of my favorite bloggers and I thought, “Gee, why don’t I have one?”.  So now, you know what I’m writing today!

For a while I thought they were overrated, with only so many fall activities, it tends to get repetitive. But you know what- WHO CARES?! Everyone has their own little twist to theirs which makes each one special! So here is mine!


1The transition between Summer to Fall means I need some new items in the closet. And what’s a better excuse to hit up the stores and world wide web then the change of seasons, am I right?


This is as “basic” as it gets but I could careless. Yes I plan on drowning myself in Pumpkin Spiced Lattes. I had my first one of the season earlier this week and it just soothed my soul. I’m typically an ice coffee drinker all year round’ but for these babies, I make an exception.


Tis’ the season to get the oven pumping and your baking on! Andrew’s mom handed me her banana bread recipe and that was it. It was my golden ticket and now I’ll be making banana bread all Fall long. In fact, I came home one day and Andrew goes “I bought more bananas!” 


I have never been to an actual pumpkin patch before but I am determined to make my way over to one this Fall. *Ehem* Andrew I know you’ll be reading this.


Ya’ll know this was going to be on my list. Need I say more? Frankly, I’m not a huge apple fan. When I go, I take a few bites out of some apples and carry on. But it’s just a fun outdoor activity on a nice sunny crisp day. Especially with the aromas of Fall mixed with apples, it’s intoxicating. I will however, go and get some caramel apples.


I admire the changing of leaves so much. What a sight for sore eyes. I can agree that it is disappointing when they’ve all fallen to the ground to welcome Winter, but while they’re still hanging up high, it’s a glorious sight being amidst it all. So on my bucket list, I want to head up to North Conway, NH towards the White Mountains to take in the foliage.


1Andrew and I are constantly thinking of our next travel destination. Although lately it’s harder than usual because we’re uncertain of our whereabouts come Oct-Jan as in will we still be in Boston or have moved elsewhere? So it’s hard to plan a flight in case Logan Airport will no longer be our designated airport. However, that doesn’t stop us from planning nearby trips so NYC here we come! Just for a weekend but NYC in the Fall is my favorite.

So my NYC people (KATE, that means you!) I want all suggestions for yummy hole in the wall eatery spots or even well known places that are a must-try. Anywhere between the areas of Lower East Side and Midtown preferably. I plan on eating my whole trip so bring it on.

Share your Fall plans below 🙂

xo, JJ


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  1. heartsinink says:

    ooooh, lovely! I’m so tempted to do mine now, lol

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  2. A- says:

    It’s been unusually warm where I live (like high 80s/low 90s) so I am craving those cool fall temps! There’s a pair of boots in my closet that I’ve just been waiting to bust out! And of course I cannot wait for Halloween! It’s one of my favorite holidays 🙂

    A- https://simplylovely90.wordpress.com/

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  3. lifeofangela says:

    I love these seasonal bucket lists! Foliage in fall is one of my favourite things. I have to step on every crunchy leaf I see! 😄

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  4. tiallarising says:

    I am so ecstatic for fall! Where we live, we don’t have A/C, so as much as I love summer, the unending heat gets a little unbearable when we never get a break from it. Because of that, I’m so excited for it to get a little chilly so we can actually cuddle and wear cozy clothes, lol. I’m really looking forward to going on a scenic sky ride we have here that takes us up a mountain with a beautiful view of the colorful leaves, trees, and just gorgeous autumn scenery. Also, I’m definitely looking forward to hot cider and *everything* pumpkin. Ooh and Halloween. 😉

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  5. Fall themed drinks and baking are my favorite things about fall!

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  6. Now you have me wanting to make a fall bucket list, haha! I would pretty much add all of these to my list, especially the baking!! Can’t wait to read about your NYC trip!

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  7. K.M. Sutton says:

    AHHHHHHH!!!!! Oh my gosh girl I am freaking out over this post! If you are free we have to get together even if it is just for some cocktails OR Coffee! (And while Starbucks is the King of Coffee, Cafe Jax is THE Queen in the city..or at least Upper East Side!)
    First things first, while Summer has my heart (always a mermaid) I do ADORE Fall Fashion. It is so comfy and cozy and I just LOVE it!
    Alas I am not a fan of Pumpkin Spice lattes but I do usually get one a season just because… (#basic :p )
    Ahhhh You are visiting North Conway too!!!! Ahhh this post seriously gives me ALL the feels! I will be living vicariously through you! I think this is the first Fall (technically Columbus Day weekend:( ) in YEARS I do not get to go home and see the foliage 😦 (If you want a good easy -or difficult lol- hike with lots of views of foliage let me know!)
    I too love me some Apple Picking and Pumpkin Picking. I think it is what I love so much about the Fall. For such a short period of time it offers so much, but it truly is so fleeting.
    NOW the important part (Can you hear me screaming in glee?) You are coming to NEW YORK! Girl I have such a huge list, BUT I will attempt to limit it for you guys.
    Two for one martinis: (they also have a happy hour for wine but that ends at five I think) Pazza Notte
    Mexican: (This is long) Dos caminos (Tacos) or toloache (drinks deter) for a more fine dining experience. Cascabel taqueria for a laid back (and tacos!) feel plus they do an amazing brunch!
    The Little Beet Table for more of a rustic feel.
    Cafe: Le Pain Quotidian is amazing for coffee, breakfast, Lunch, a quick snack.
    Maison Kayser you HAVE to go here for breakfast (also COFFEE!)
    Macarons: The Macaron Cafe (You will be in heaven!)
    Coffee: Think Coffee, their spanish latte is unbelievable! Cafe Jax: Any of their lattes, they have matcha, AND their chai is out of this world! Aroma Espresso (you can also get good breakfast and lunch there) Starbucks… (Because I had too lol)
    Dumplings: The Dumpling Man plus it is in Saint Marks which is always interesting to see
    The Roof or Pod 39 for a Roof Top Bar
    The Sweet Shop: They have amazing ice cream!

    Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise (it is a killer but SO worth it!)
    Brooklyn Botanical Garden
    Bryant Park (And the public Library it is stunning and free!)
    The Met (Pay what you want)
    If you do Empire State or anything I recommend going at night, (shorter lines.)
    Central Park is always pretty especially during the Fall

    Ahhhh just so flipping excited you are coming to the city! Eeeekkk!!!! ❤

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    1. xoJenny says:

      Yassss Kate!!! You are an Angel, this is what I’m talking about- I needed this list!! Okay first of all how well do you know me that you put a macaron place (and dumplings) on the list ❤ ❤ ❤ My heart beats for you girlfriend! I definitely definitely want to meet up for coffee, drinks, ice cream anything that we can make work!!! Even if it's for a quick hello/goodbye we must must see each other face to face! So we're going to be there the weekend of the 14th. Hopefully you'll be around!!! Thank you x1000000 for all your suggestions because when it comes to NYC I am NY illiterate lol I know the different areas but couldn't tell ya in which direction anything is. But lets for sure keep in contact! DM your number on the gram or something when you get a chance!!! xoxoxxoo

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      1. K.M. Sutton says:

        Hehe girl I will be your tour guide! (I really did go into the wrong business! lol) showing you all the ins and outs! Awe my heart beats for you beauty! I am so flipping excited you are coming to the city! Ahhh! And YES I will be! Ahhh Have I mentioned how excited I am? So most of Manhattan is a grid. So looking up town (numbers going up) it is like a compass, with west North east south. Central Park divides West and East. Once you get into lower Manhattan that is a different story lol. EVEN I get confused by that lol. Yes I will definitely DM my number! It will also help to know where you guys are staying so easier to plan navigate where you want to go/ what you want to see. ahhh this seriously has made my weekend! ❤

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  8. Ahh, the leaves/trees are always so beautiful in Autumn, such pretty colours. And once again we are the same because I’ve never been to a pumpkin patch either, in fact I don’t even know what they are!! So I’ll be looking forward to reading your post all about it when you go. YES to NYC… not jealous at all (total lies obvs). Have the most amazing time! Did u decide what show you are going to see yet? xx

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  9. ayrgalaxy says:

    I would love to go shopping but we are trying to save for other reasons right now, so that might be a no for me this season *cue tears*
    As for pumpkin spiced lattes, I’ve never had them before. HOWEVER, I did finally try some pumpkin baked goods last year and I fell in LOOOOVE! So, I will also try to bake some baked goods that include pumpkin, so you best believe I’ll be buying some pumpkins and giving some recipes a shot 🙂
    I can’t believe you’ve never been to a pumpkin patch! I made it my mission to start doing those kinds of things for Ciel, so this will be our third year in a row, and I really liked them! They have lots of fun activities and picking your pumpkins can be fun 😀 I love the corn mazes too. Granted not all the pumpkin patches are great, so we’re heading to the big one this year. I’ll be sure to document my little outing as well 😉
    Apple picking sounds fun, I’ve always wanted to go but I never bothered to do research on when they’re open and which places are located around PDX, lol.
    I loveeee the sight of leaves, the mix of yellow, red and orange hues. It gets pretty nostalgic. Pretty sight nonetheless.
    And NYC in the fall is sooo gorgeous! Central Park looks soo beautiful! That will definitely go on my bucket list!! 🙂

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  10. Funny I just posted the same today! Tis the season! So I had my birthday in September and did a little too much fall shopping (oops), so my bucket list is more crafts/baking/experiences. I do want to travel in the fall aside from visiting family, but we already have a TON of stuff planned, so we will see if we can squeeze it in!


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  11. Paige's Page says:

    Love this! Me and my best friend have already celebrated fall with a couple of pumpkin spice lattes, are planning on baking pumpkin muffins in a couple of days, and are planning a double date with our boyfriends to the pumpkin patch. Me and my boyfriend also celebrated our first chilly fall days with a walk through one of our favorite neighborhoods 🙂
    Hope you and Andrew find yourselves in a comfy and happy home with the possibility of relocating!

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  12. whatismaria says:

    I would love to try a pumpkin spice latte for the first time this year because believe it or not I’ve never had one! Need to do as much baking as possible which will of course include a lot of pumpkin and a lot of apples – definitely my favourite way to brighten up the season as I’m not a big fan on Autumn (especially when it gets dark super early). Loved this post! x

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  13. Nicole says:

    ” I’m typically an ice coffee drinker all year round’ but for these babies, I make an exception.” YES, yes, YES! That is me 100%. Ha, ha.
    And you have inspired me to come up with my own fall bucket list!! I don’t know why I don’t have one already to be honest… I love lists AND fall. LOL. But I think I’ve been so busy just being a mom lately. Time to plan some simple – but fun – things that I can enjoy, even as a busy mom. 🙂
    LOVE your list!!

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  14. Mackenzie says:

    This post is too perfectly aesthetic. LOVE. GIRL, basic is guuuud! OH MY GOSHHH I cannot wait to read about your NYC trip. EEEK. I’m so giddy just thinking about it. My fall is so lame with all the GRE studying & applications crap! But I will live vicariously through you!!! XO

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